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Official Brand Overview

MatchaBar is a matcha tea company based in New York, founded by brothers Max & Graham Fortgang. In September of 2014, we opened up a cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, proudly serving our own brand of matcha, sourced directly from our farming partners in Nishio, Japan. In the Fall of 2015, our second cafe location opened up in Chelsea! We are known for taking matcha in new and exciting directions, creating a menu of Signature MatchaBar beverages from our Fuji Apple Ginger Matcha, to an Iced Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte and back. In our first Summer alone, we’ve brought our MatchaBar pop-up store to cities as far as LA and Tokyo, to music festivals, hackathons, college campuses, and special events. MatchaBar was founded on the sole belief that matcha is a superior fuel for our generation; an alternative to your coffee, espresso, or energy drink. Each of our drinks contains around 80mg of caffeine. The beauty in matcha lies in both the extended release nature of its caffeine, and the presence of L-Theanine, an amino acid known as a natural calming agent. Combined, these two things deliver what we call a “calm, focused energy”. On the of 1st of January in 2016, MatchaBar launched a RTD bottled product in three of our signature flavors; Fuji Apple Ginger, Peach, and Original! MatchaBar will be the first bottled product with a full 2 gram serving of ceremonial grade matcha. MatchaBar: Iced Matcha Tea will roll out nationally over the next three years. We are partnering with Dora’s Naturals as a distribution partner in the New York area, and will be launching our in Whole Foods Markets before it will be made available in all other markets. From our cafe to your local bodega, the bottle is the next step in our journey to bring matcha to the people... On behalf of our entire team, welcome to the MatchaFam!

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