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Feeling Stressed? Stocks dropping? Money problems? In-laws in town? Don’t stress, get numb. Say hello to Malava Novocaine™, The Anti-Stress Drink™ with 5 times the relaxation of Malava Relax™, the original “Anti-Energy Drink™.” Malava Beverages are all natural and enhanced with Organic Kava Root. Malava Novocaine helps reduce stress and anxiety while relaxing the mind and body. Malava Novocaine does not make you tired, but gives you the feeling of well being and happiness. Completely different from all those me too energy drinks, Malava Novocaine is actually the opposite and has no jittery after-effects. Created by a dentist, and who knows stress better than a dentist? Great for stressful drives, before exams, dealing with the boss or the kids or even before the big date or performance. Malava Novocaine comes in a convenient, recyclable 8.4 oz. can and will be available in C-Stores, health stores, grocery chains, bars and nightclubs and is being ordered by airports nationwide. Malava Novocaine is quite possibly the healthiest drink on the market, helping people where they need it most to de-stress, relax, mellow out, calm down, decompress or simply chill. For additional information on Malava Novocaine, please contact Or check out the website at

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