OGO Oxygen Water

by The O-company N.V.

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

OGO delivers 35X more oxygen than other bottled waters — 200 mg/liter — making it exceptionally light, uncommonly refreshing, and the perfect antidote to the physical and mental stresses of everyday life. OGO is life force in a bottle, and you’ll feel that energy in every part of the OGO experience: your very first taste, its rejuvenating lift, even the aura surrounding its cutting-edge packaging design. OGO’s appeal to health conscious consumers and across the energy drink market is something you’ll feel innately. It’s why OGO is already synonymous with life, all over Europe. And it’s why OGO is about to take the American market by storm. OGO is energy. OGO is the future. OGO is life.