Purity Organic Superjuice: Orange Carrot Turmeric Mango

by Pacific Organic Produce

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Review: Orange Carrot Turmeric Mango

(Last Updated: Aug 26, 2014 at 2:17 PM)
Made with 85 percent juice, this variety of Purity Organic Superjuice is a blend of apple, carrot, mango, lemon, orange, ginger and turmeric. The flavor is tart and tangy with a light spice at the end from the ginger and turmeric. The spice definitely takes this from a pretty ordinary tasting juice to being one that’s more complex than similar juice cocktail products. Being made with not from concentrate juice and having USDA Organic certification certainly doesn’t hurt either; it definitely shows when it comes to how good the fruit flavors taste. All in all, we like that it tastes higher quality and slightly more exotic than Purity's other products. On the packaging front, this product eschews their standard label format (which features a grid of fruit) and, with images of a farmer, instead feels a bit more focused on where the ingredients come from. While we understand what the company is trying to do, it’s not as appealing to the senses as images of fruit. Furthermore, there’s a slight disconnect between the Purity brand and the “Superjuice.” logo along the bottom. Fortunately, even with the Superjuice tied in nicely, the product is still intuitive and polished -- and the liquid inside the bottle is quite enjoyable.