Red Bull Editions: The Orange Edition Total Zero

by Red Bull North America

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Functional: Energy Drink: Diet


12oz can

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Nutritional information is not available for this product.


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Review: The Orange Edition Total Zero

Like its counterpart “The Cherry Edition,” this variety is a zero calorie energy drink that is a part of Red Bull’s “Editions” line. The flavor, which they’ve labeled Tropical Orange, has an orange mango flavor to it, which is, at least when comparing against other low calorie energy drinks, quite enjoyable. This is helped by the use of sweeteners ace-k and sucralose, which do a nice job of providing sweetness without too much in the way of aftertaste. While the product definitely skews more towards a CSD than a classic energy drink, the product does have a slight bite to its finish. This is likely from the added functional ingredients, which include B vitamins, taurine, and caffeine (114mg). Ounce per ounce, that makes it pretty similar in potency to their flagship, which, from a consumer value standpoint, makes sense. Packaging is a slim 12 ounce can, which has a silver backdrop and an orange accent color. While we find the silver backdrop to be a bit hard on the eyes, especially from far away, the product is hard to mistake for anything but a Red Bull product. All in all, The Orange Edition is a nice tasting zero calorie offering that feels like something that is worthy of the Red Bull name. And while we’re sure it will do well, it’s tough to get overly excited about this from a category innovation standpoint as it definitely feels more opportunistic in nature.