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Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff Energy is one of the first beverages in history to use the advanced appetite suppressant and GRAS approved fiber called LuraLean®. Red Stuff is the newest generation of sports supplements that will lead the way in applied beverage science and sensory experience. Red Stuff is non carbonated and available in Triple Berry, Grape and Wild Superfruit. *The energy/weight management hybrid with fiber. * Tastes like biting into fresh fruit. * Increases Lipid metabolism for energy * keeps you wide awake without crashing *regulates appetite and calorie absorption *Gluten free *Vegan friendly * The only Fiber that expands 200x original size only after reaching the stomach leaving you satiated. LuraLean® is GRAS approved, has over 60 clinical trials and 14 safety studies, is high temperature tolerant and 100% natural. Red Stuff is packaged in an 8 oz. plastic custom resalable bottle and has a suggested retail of $2.99. Case packs contain 24 bottles packaged in six resalable four pack display carriers. The case itself is designed ready for floor displays. Funktional Beverages, Inc. is a Texas manufacturer of sodas and nutritional supplements.

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