Official Brand Overview

Launched in 2001 with a vision of revolutionizing the delivery of energy drinks in bars, nightclubs and restaurants, Roaring Lion quickly grew to become the No. 1 Bag-in-Box energy drink in the industry and the No. 2 national seller of on-premise energy drinks in the United States. As the brand now poises to pounce on the off-premise market of convenient stores & grocery chains, Roaring Lion has launched a new line of beautiful fully-wrapped 16.9oz resealable bottles, while introducing two new natural products: "Au Natural" & "Zero". These bottles compliment Roaring Lion's full line of packaging solutions (including 12oz & 16oz Cans) and are the perfect option for consumers that need 'energy on the go' without worrying about spills or keeping the product fresh. In addition to the classic formula, "Au Natural" & "Zero" answer the needs of evolving consumer tastes in the category. Lionize Yourself!

Current product lineup