Suja Elements Cold Brew Tea: Jasmine Pomegranate Tea

by Suja Juice

Product Type

Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw, Tea: Sweetened


12 oz

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Review: Jasmine Pomegranate Tea

(Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014 at 10:26 AM)
Suja Elements’ Jasmine Pomegranate Cold Brew Tea appears to be a reformulation and rebrand of what was formerly just “Jasmine Tea.” It addresses many of our packaging concerns, including the most serious one, which was that it looked like another juice SKU rather than standing out as a tea. The new packaging is way more appealing, starting with the fact that Suja calls out “cold brew tea.” This immediately makes it seem like something more than a standard bottle of tea -- and there’s no more confusing it as a juice. It looks very polished and appealing, with a design that looks like a hybrid of the Elements and Essentials line. From a taste perspective, the product has a lot more pomegranate flavor than we remember. This is a good thing, with the pomegranate cutting the tannic flavor of the tea that we tasted the first go around. Plus, it seems like the honey is more pronounced, which is definitely a nice touch. The tamarind, however, feels a bit lost, but honestly we’re not missing it. All in all, the product is really quite enjoyable. Perhaps most importantly -- at least for Suja -- is that they’ve figured out a way to extend into tea without it confusing the juice line. Overall, Suja went back to the drawing board and the resulting product is one that is a huge improvement over its predecessor.