Suja Elements Cold Brew Tea: Unsweetened Biodynamic Black

by Suja Juice

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Tea: Unsweetened


12 oz

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Review: Unsweetened Biodynamic Black

(Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014 at 10:26 AM)
Suja’s Unsweetened Biodynamic Black has two distinctions that you won’t find in the other flavors. First, as the name states, it’s unsweetened and, therefore, a zero-calorie beverage. Second, as is again stated in the name, the product uses biodynamic grown darjeeling and assam teas. Aside from the Demeter certification logo, there’s no mention of this elsewhere on the bottle. It would be pretty hard to fully explain biodynamic agriculture practices on the front or back panel of a beverage container, but it seems as though there needs to be something else. Otherwise, it seems out of place in the product name (although we definitely appreciate their efforts to give exposure to the concept). As for the product inside the bottle, it’s a smooth and enjoyable one. Unlike most heat pasteurized products that incorporate citric acid, this product presumably does not due to Suja’s use of HPP. This is probably a nuance flavor difference for many, but it is nice to see a product that is not compromised in any way. Packaging is a 12 oz. bottle, just like the other Suja Elements products. Suja has done a really nice job of making a product that is appealing, intuitive, and still a part of the Suja brand. Overall, it’s often hard to get excited about an unsweetened tea product, but this one is definitely standout.