Greenergy Double Brew

by Tradewinds Beverage Company

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

The Tradewinds Beverage Company rolls out its new brand, Greenergy Double Brew Tea and Juice this summer. Specifically designed to deliver “energy naturally”, Greenergy Double Brew is a ready-to-drink green tea with real juice available in 4 flavors in unique 16 oz. glass bottles. With the market flooded with Energy Drinks that rely on artificial caffeine and mystery ingredients, Greenergy Double Brew has forged new ground into the energy category by simply concentrating on natural caffeine and good-for-you juice. According to Christy Lichtendahl, Tradewinds Marketing Director, “We set out to create an energy beverage with a two-fold objective-- to capitalized on our core strength, tea brewing, and to be absolutely uncompromising in our ingredient investment.” Tradewinds’ exclusive ability to brew green tea at double strength creates an unparalleled tea flavor base and packs a gentle but powerful natural caffeine punch. Each bottle is brewed with the equivalent of 4 green tea bags (8g total) to deliver the healthy benefits, natural caffeine, and great taste of green tea. Green Tea is an excellent source of natural flavonoid antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals, molecules which can damage healthy cells. Then, they are using health giving and antioxidant rich fruits, 10% Cranberry, 10% Blueberry, 20% Concord Grape, and 10% Pomegranate Juice where many other juice brands use combination juice blends where they don’t even disclose the percentage amount of the expensive juice. Finally, they are sweetening with pure cane sugar to ensure its all natural appeal. “More and more, people are looking for quality and healthiness. We feel the timing is right for Greenergy, that people will appreciate its subsidence,” says Tim Brown, Tradewinds Vice President of Sales.