YET (Your Energy Tonic)

by Sudden Impact Partners

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

While the rest of the beverage world chases after what can only be ever smaller and smaller pieces of the 13 – 35 demographic, YET(Your Energy Tonic) is a unique product intended for the most underserved (and wealthiest) demographic: the 40-years-and-over crowd. The growth in popularity of energy drinks in North America has been a sensation. YET provides vendors an incredible opportunity to reach an enormous and virtually untapped portion of that market. And it’s not just their target market that makes YET a sure hit at the check-out. YET’s marketing will be built around the prestige and immediate recognition provided by the endorsement of former NFL Superstar Steve Young - a 5-time Pro Bowl pick, 4-time NFL Passing Title holder and a Super Bowl MVP. Young is also an attorney and a regular commentator on ESPN, and has been identified as one of the top-5 most-recognized sports figures. He has an impeccable reputation and is recognized for his extensive charity work. His endorsement will give YET incredible prestige and visibility. YET is branded as the “Healthy Choice” among energy drinks. The brand message is well earned. While other energy drinks depend on caffeine and sugar for their boost, YET has NO SUGAR, NO CAFFEINE and NO CARBOHYDRATES. YET’s energy comes from a scientifically proven mix of 8 anadaptic herbs, aminos and vitamins, called ADX7. The appeal of a drink like this is tremendous. It provides cross over potential from both the “health” market and the “beverage” market. A superior product for an underserved market, supported by one of America’s most beloved sports heroes, all add up to make YET a sure winner with consumers.