Watt-Ahh’s New Diamond Energy Labels

SARASOTA, FL (October 5, 2017) — AquaNew, manufacturer of the Polarized Water, Watt-Ahh®, recently unveiled the new “Diamond Energy” label for its one-liter size bottle. “The label design comes from…

Kings County Bottled-in-Bond Released in Massachusetts

Kings County Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon was released today for the first time in Massachusetts. Only 24 bottles of the award winning bourbon were allocated to Hub Beverage, the Boston-based distributor of craft spirits.

UFC Announces BodyArmor as its ‘Official Sports Drink’

UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a multi-year partnership with BODYARMOR Sports Drink, establishing the isotonic brand as the first-ever “Official Sports Drink” of UFC.

Blackeye Roasting Opens New Facility, Aims for C-Stores

From the brand name to its distribution strategy to its caffeine content, everything about Blackeye Roasting Co.’s approach to cold brew coffee is on the slightly aggressive side. The Saint Paul, Minn.-based company, founded in 2014 by Matt McGinn, has found a receptive audience in the Midwest for its line of shelf-stable regular and nitro-infused canned cold brew coffee, which are sold at over 1,000 locations, including retailers like Whole Foods and Hy-Vee.

Cold Vault Forum Reveals Shifts In C-Stores

Speaking at CSP Magazine’s Cold Vault Forum in Chicago last month, Wells Fargo Securities analyst Bonnie Herzog presented the latest news on shifting consumer trends and offered predictions which suggest hope is on the horizon for retailers looking towards upcoming innovations to reinvigorate declining sales.

PepsiCo Sees Beverage Sales Slip in Q3

Pinning the decline on poor weather conditions across North America leading to fewer C-store sales, CEO Indra Nooyi sought to reassure investors “that the issues are temporary” and action has been taken to improve sales in the new quarter.

Royal Ridge Fruits Introduces New Tart Cherry Juice

SEATTLE, WA (October 3, 2017) (PRNewswire) — Royal Ridge Fruits announces, via its Stoneridge Orchards brand, the introduction of its Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, a new liquid twist on their…

An In-Depth Look into OTA’s Lawsuit Against USDA

The lawsuit is striking nerves because of its potential impact on organic products using anything from dairy to eggs — and also due to its eerily familiar pattern to the current administration’s other recent handling of food regulation.

Green-Go Launches with Organic Cactus Water

NAPA, CA (October 4, 2017) — A new company, Green-Go™, launched on Oct. 1 with a zero-calorie USDA Organic cactus water derived from the nutrient-rich paddle of the Nopal, or…

True Food Innovations Names Robert Jones President

Buena Park, CA (October 3, 2017) (ReleaseWire) — True Food Innovations, which provides a range of services to help retailers provide all-natural, clean, fresh food to customers, announced today that…