Channel Check: What’s Hot and What’s Not

SPOTLIGHT CATEGORY: Refrigerated Juice and Drink Smoothies & Refrigerated Vegetable Juice/Cocktail

Remember HPP? Looks like consumers are starting to forget, at least in conventional grocery, where once-hot brands like Suja, 1915, and Evolution Fresh continue to backslide in these representative categories. That’s not to say it’s a complete pulse-reading — especially given the constant innovation at Suja, for example, there’s always something new going in and the numbers can be slippery. But the question is, what is going to reignite green juice? Even in the days of Keto, it’s viable as a no-sugar, nutrition packed snack. Maybe if they blended in the fats? Meanwhile it seems to be still working with drinks like coconut water and watermelon juice (not included here) – those products continue to grow.