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March-April 2020

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CBD Beverages: The Waiting Game

In all honesty, who couldn’t use a little CBD right now? Given its sworn-by -- if not fully scientifically documented -- calming effects, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid has been looked to by entrepreneurs, retailers, distributors, investors, consumers and even their pets as just the kind of tonic for a world that is getting tenser by the second.

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2020 Functional Beverage Guide

BevNET’s annual Functional Beverage Guide lists functional brands including energy drinks, relaxation drinks, sports drinks, and much more. It also features a directory of companies that supply goods and services to functional beverage brands.

Craft Beer Enters Uncertain Times in 2020 in the Face of a Global Pandemic

The industry’s slowing volume growth -- to low-single digits -- and increased competition with more than 8,000 breweries in operation in recent years now seems like a soft breeze compared to the headwinds facing breweries due to the global coronavirus pandemic that has, among other things, forced states and local municipalities to shut down the on-premise across the country, with bars, restaurants, taprooms and tasting rooms closing up in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Weighing Powders, By Brick and By Click

Functional powdered beverages have long been the domain of the specialty channel, led by protein and pre-workout products for fitness minded consumers. But over the past few years, the market for functional powdered beverages has shifted, moving outside of the specialty channel into a broader marketplace in brick and mortar retail and ecommerce.

Message in a Bottle

Taking the form of both ambitious programs and subtle adjustments, sustainability and environmental considerations are taking an increasingly prominent role in how large corporations and emerging independent brands are approaching the bottled water market in the new decade.


Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 Review

When the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show kicked off in January in San Francisco, exhibitors and attendees had little idea that, instead of the usual, measured warm-up to Natural Products Expo West, the show would become one of the few opportunities for the industry to meet face-to-face for at least the first half of the year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NOSHscape: The Latest Food Brand News

In natural food industry news: Hippeas Producer To Launch Two New Snacks; Once Upon a Farm Grows Up to 'Help Out the Lunch Box'; Tofurky Expands Further Into Plant-Based Dairy with Moocho; and KIND Founder Backs Cult Yogurt Brand Ellenos

Gerry’s Insights: The Rockstar Domino Falls

I’ve written before about what a glory the energy drink category has been for those who appreciate premium-priced brands that bring both margin and growth to distributors and retailers. While most emerging RTD categories from bottled water to iced tea started off that way, it’s been hard not to notice over the years that as soon as the strategic players get involved, a familiar pattern unfolds: innovation starts to wane, pricing gets aggressive and excitement at the shelf sputters out.

The First Drop: Not New, Not Normal

So many of the brands we see these days seem to emerge, at least in their founding stories, from kitchen tinkering or from an idea encouraged by friends or some riff on a grandmother’s recipe. It’s strange, though: I could swear that a good subset of those brands also seem to evolve just when a grandmother’s old kitchen formula happens to correlate with an emerging beverage category that’s attracting a little bit of investment.

Brewscape: The Latest Craft Beer Brand News

In craft beer news: 6 Dead in Shooting at Molson Coors' Milwaukee Campus; Stone Brewing Closes Shanghai Taproom; Gordon Biersch, Rock Bottom Parent Company Files for Chapter 11 Bankrupcy Protection; and Adam Lambert to Join Roak Brewing and Dark Horse as President

Bevscape: The Latest Beverage Brand News

In beverage news: PepsiCo Acquires Rockstar Energy for $3.85 Billion; Spindrift Raises $29.8M in Funding Round; Humm Announces Launch of Zero Sugar Kombucha Line; and Constellation Brands Invests in Karma Wellness Water

Publisher’s Toast: A Time Like None Other

There have been so many times we’ve been tested, and have always come through prouder and stronger. We meet these challenges head-on. These are events bigger than beverages and business, so I write about my thoughts on the state of affairs today.