Update: Red Bull Pulls Out of Interbev; Others Missing As Well

In place of Red Bull's booth, Interbev placed the Cyber Cafe

ATLANTA – The hottest buzz at Interbev 2002 is not the plethora of new products, but rather the fact that several people are missing from the show. In particular, are some companies that have booths on the map, but are not at the show. Most important was Red Bull, which had a booth that was the same size as Coca-Cola’s, according to the Interbev 2002 floor plan. The rumors were spreading quickly, including several people telling us that they heard that Red Bull had pulled out from the show just two days prior. We were unable to track down an Interbev representative that was willing to comment.


In addition, the show was missing a presence from some large players, includuing Pepsi-Cola (although Gatorade and Tropicana had a booth), Cadbury Schweppes, Dr. Pepper/7up, and the Snapple Beverage Group.