Miami, Florida- BAWLS Guarana, the most caffeinated drink on the market, can now be bought at most CompUSA stores across the country. This unprecedented partnership is a first for CompUSA, the massive technology retailer, which has never before merchandized or sold beverages. The deal marks another successful transaction between BAWLS and the computer gaming world, as BAWLS was most recently featured in the PlayStation®2 game “Run Like Hell.” In relation to the PlayStation®2 endeavor, BAWLS will be sold at CompUSA in the form of “Run Like Hell” 12 packs beginning Monday, October 21st, 2002.

“The BAWLS customer is synonymous with the CompUSA customer,” said Hoby Buppert, CEO and founder of BAWLS Guarana, “They shop at CompUSA and drink BAWLS. There is an unquestionable connection.” Buppert’s insight is based on BAWLS’ escalating momentum in the gaming world, a relationship that began in 1998 after a praising review was posted on a gamer-only website. Since then, BAWLS has participated in thousands of gaming events across the globe, debuted its own “Gamer gURL spokesperson and serves as the beverage sponsor of the CPL-Cyberathlete Professional League.

“BAWLS has a tremendous fan club,” said Scott Valencia, Executive Director of CompUSAs game fixx, “and we feel their customers will enjoy the accessibility and convenience of seeing BAWLS at CompUSA everywhere.” It is no coincidence that BAWLS arrives at Comp USA at a time when computer gaming is at the forefront of business development. “We tested BAWLS at our 3 gaming centers and the success with both BAWLS and the gaming centers have assured CompUSA that gaming is our focus of the moment,” continued Scott Valencia.

Sales were so strong that CompUSA took BAWLS national after only one month of testing. Several promotional programs are in the works, such as bottle cap collections and gaming related contests. BAWLS 12 packs will hit CompUSA stores nationally on Monday, October 21st retailing at $16.99.

Source – Rubenstein Public Relations