Owens-Illinois new PET can

@@img1 TOLEDO, Ohio — It’s shaped like a can. It fills and stacks and ships like a can. But with a crystal-clear PET body that shows off the beverage inside, the 12-ounce PET can from Owens-Illinois is an extraordinary new packaging option.

The container combines its PET body with a standard 202 aluminum end, so it opens and dispenses in a way familiar to consumers. The nice surprise for beverage drinkers is a can-shaped container they can actually see through.

¡§We believe a PET can offers advantages that beverage marketers and consumers alike will appreciate,” said C.T. Thurow, Owens-Illinois industry manager, beverages. “Many of today’s new age beverages are featuring vibrant colors. With our distinctive see-through can showcasing those brightly colored beverages, we believe it’s a package that will really grab the consumer’s eye. In addition to the container’s great looks, we believe consumers will like being able to see the product and how much is left in the container as they drink.”

“Our PET cans have the body of a traditional can, but the soul of an O-I PET bottle,” said David L. Andrulonis, vice president/director, food & beverage products. “That means our package can provide the superior performance and protection of O-I’s proprietary SurShotSM multi-layer injection technology and SurShield barrier material.” SurShot technology is a patented process that precisely pre-measures the amount of material that goes into each layer of the PET container’s walls. Among other capabilities, SurShot technology can meter barrier material is the container’s most expensive ingredient to as low as 1.5 percent of total package weight, helping to control material costs.

The O-I PET can also has the ability to feature proprietary SurShield barrier material, which provides an excellent active and passive barrier for oxygen and carbon dioxide. “SurShield barrier material improves protection against CO2 permeation by 35 to 45 percent over previous formulations, depending on the particular container design,” said Philip D. Bourgeois, Ph.D., Owens-Illinois senior scientist, plastic materials. “Combined with the precision of SurShot technology, we can control the amount of SurShield barrier to help deliver the right protection for each beverage and each budget.” By helping keep CO2 in and the damaging effects of oxygen out, O-I PET cans with SurShield barrier material can protect the flavor, color and shelf life of beverages showcased inside. So the beverages can maintain their appeal to the consumer’s eyes and taste buds for weeks, if they manage to stay on the shelf.

Getting beverages in O-I’s PET can to store shelves should be hassle-free. “Another attraction of the container is that it will run on conventional can-filling lines,” said Mr. Andrulonis. “The containers can be decorated a number of ways, including a shrink sleeve or a pressure-sensitive label to complement the beverage and its brand image. The end result is a familiar shape with traditional filling and handling, but with a fresh, captivating look.”

Clearly with its innovative design and SurShield barrier protection ¡V PET containers from Owens-Illinois are poised to deliver what ordinary metal cans can’t.

More information about O-I PET containers is available from Owens-Illinois Plastics Group, Food & Beverage Products by calling (800) 537-0178 or by contacting your local O-I representative. Media inquiries please call (419) 241-2221.

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