In its ongoing effort to generate new marketing opportunities and compete with larger bottlers, Saratoga Spring Water, the nation’s oldest spring water bottler, has introduced decorative, cobalt blue glass bottles for its high-end restaurant and dining customers.


“Our goal for the sleek, glass packaging is to appeal to today’s burgeoning upscale market — which will only continue to grow — without sacrificing the quality of our spring water,” says Saratoga President Adam Madkour.

According to Madkour, Saratoga Spring Water developed the packaging style to meet the demands of managers and customers of high-end restaurants, bars, and hotel lounges. Packaged in cobalt blue glass with distinctive design and “Saratoga – Since 1872” lettering, the Saratoga product deftly meets the needs of upscale restaurants and their clientele.

“Many customers at these restaurants and cafes have come to expect the quality of the packaging to match the quality of the product, and they will not be disappointed with our bottled or sparkling water,” he said. “The blue glass bottle is not only eye-catching, but serves a utilitarian purpose as well, acting as an accent piece to complement a beautiful table setting, and much more.”

Saratoga continues to market its natural spring and sparkling water in plastic PET bottles, and fruit-flavored “Splash” varieties. The overall marketing strategy is also designed to benefit beverage industry distributors by making it possible to obtain a full range of high quality, reliable products from a single source.

Despite the marketing innovations, Madkour says: “The Saratoga Spring Water Company has not compromised the quality of our spring water in an attempt to keep up with the growing demand for quantity. Our brand name recognition and reputation for excellence have allowed us to continue to do what we do best; produce pure, natural spring water.”