Cheerwine Goes to Norway

@@img1 Oslo,/ Norway 21.11.2002 — We are proud to announce that the US softdrink Cheerwine for the first time will be available in Norway. American Marketing and Carolina Beverage Corp. have signed an license production contract for local bottling of Cheerwine.

American Marketing is the first company outside USA who launch Cheerwine. First of all for that Cheerwine is a very special product in taste, name and consept, and that there is no product like Cheerwine on the Norwegian market today.

For the Norwegian market, Cheerwine will be launched in 500 ml returnable PET bottles, and 330 ml glassbottles based for the HORECA market. Cheerwine will be distributed nationwide thru our already excisting distribution channels.

You will find Cheerwine in traditional grocery stores, supermarkets, gasolin stations and other C-stores.

American Marketing will give Cheerwine an typical “American style”, as we will participate with Cheerwine as a sponsor on different sporting events with american sport profiles (hockey, football, beach volleyball and basket etc.)

We will also follow the original Cheerwine nostalgic marketing programme and hopefully be able to launch Cheerwine on the upcomming nostalgic glasbottles next year.

The first batch of Cheerwine will be ready for the Oslo market in beginning of December.

For further details contact:

Dag Lundeby,
General manager /American Marketing
Phn.: +47 22673686
Mobile: +47 92217194