Barry Nathanson Mystery Solved

Last week, we reported that Barry Nathanson was out at Beverage Aisle Magazine. This week, we finally had a chance to speak with Barry regarding his departure and his future plans. Barry stated that it was simply time to move on from Beverage Aisle and VNU Business Publications.

So, what will Barry be doing next? Well, he’s already hooked up with Chicago based CSP Information Group (publishers of Convenience Store News) to start planning the launch of a new beverage retailing magazine. In addition to CSP, Barry has brought along several of his old cronies from Beverage Aisle/Beverage World, including Laurie Russo, Greg Prince, and Jon Springer.

The new publication, which currently does not have a name, is set to launch in March and will undoubtedly give Beverage Aisle a run for its money. This new group not only possesses a good chunk of the talent from Beverage Aisle, but also maintains a majority of the advertiser relationships.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new publication.