Bucks County, PA) Steap Right Up And Try The World’s First Full Line of Certified Organic Sodas! The Healthy Beverage Company announces the availability of their new line of Steap Green Tea Soda at the Liberty Richter Booth #943. Steap will be showcased at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from January 19th to the 21st. Attendees are invited to join the green tea craze by trying Steap in six popular flavors: Cola, Raspberry, Lemon Dew, Orange, Key Lime, and Root Beer. Steap represents the genesis of a whole new category of sodas-a happy and healthy marriage of green tea and soda– and is the first soda brand ever to be stamped with the USDA Certified Organic seal.

Steap is the soda with soul– healthy, 100% natural, micro-brewed from the finest organic green tea and handcrafted to deliver your favorite childhood tastes in a lightly carbonated, revolutionary new twenty-first century incarnation. Steap sodas maintain all the fun and bubble of America’s classic favorites but without the health hazards of highly refined sugar, chemical preservatives, artificial colors and other additives. It’s also kosher. Consumers are increasingly concerned about what goes into their bodies and are being “turned off” by the synthetic, chemical-laden compositions of many mainstream soda brands. Some schools have already banned soda sales on campus, citing their high fructose corn syrup as a major contributor to childhood obesity. Steap allows everyone to truly enjoy healthful, refreshing, cold, bubbly soda with trust. Steap happily invites healthy indulgence, offering new richness to familiar tastes.

“People ask me, ‘Is Steap a soda that thinks it’s a tea or a tea that thinks it’s a soda?’ Tea-soda? Soda-tea? You decide! Steap’s pure ingredients enhance each other, taking favorite soda flavors to new heights. It is also healthy and nutritive. Fun and healthy-a double bonus!” says beverage industry visionary and organic proponent Eric Schnell, Co-Founder of The Healthy Beverage Company, creator of Steap. Eric and his partner Steve Kessler, “The Healthy Soda Guys,” have set themselves the goal of creating healthier alternatives to favorite mass-market beverages. “We searched worldwide to find the best ingredients to create healthy versions of soda that consumers have loved since they were kids,” they comment. “You’ve never tasted root beer like this! Steap’s taste is truly unique.”

The Steap flavors are as American as baseball, but have the added exotic echo and gentle, smooth, mellow, grounded, ceremonial intrigue of organic green tea grown on certified organic tea estates in the misty, mystical mountains of Sri Lanka, not to mention all its healthful benefits. One bottle of Steap Green Tea Soda is loaded with all the health benefits typically found in one cup of green tea. Green tea contains abundant supplies of potent antioxidants that can help lower cancer risk and blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Its antibacterial properties can prevent gum disease and even bad breath. Eric and Steve chose the prized green tea leaves produced on centuries-old Sri-Lankan organic tea estates for their smooth, gentle taste. They also chose green tea because it is the most nutritive and least processed-most organic– of popular teas.

“Organic means ‘living.’ Our soda has soul,” explain Eric and Steve. “We seek the least processed ingredients available to keep the soda as alive-organic-as possible. Green tea is dried the day it is picked and is minimally processed; it therefore retains the greatest life force and energy. Likewise, the sun-drenched goodness of Florida’s organic cane juice, pressed the day it is cut, is nature’s sweetener.”

Using what they call “The most natural and earth-friendly sweetener in the world” was another careful choice for Eric and Steve. Fresh-pressed organic cane juice gives Steap superior taste and integrity; it is nutritious (vitamin A, calcium, iron) and taste enhancing as it retains some of the rich, warm flavor of sugar cane. This lends breadth and dimension to Steap’s flavor without making it overly sweet. The high-fructose corn syrup used by most soda companies is much cheaper-it also may be derived from genetically-modified corn seeds (GMO’s) which end up in those sodas and in consumers’ bodies.

At a small, certified organic microbrewery nestled in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, Steap is carefully brewed in small batches, each of which is tasted by Eric or Steve to ensure that it meets their standards. Steap is truly handcrafted. triple-filtered, lightly carbonated water, all natural fruit extracts and cane juice are carefully combined. Even some of the colors are made from vegetable extracts. The green color of Steap Lemon Dew and Key Lime flavors is actually from green tea itself, unlike some mass-market brands whose fluorescent hues result from synthetic chemicals. Steap is naturally pasteurized by heat to avoid the need for sodium benzoate or other preservatives. Even the citric acid in Steap is derived from natural sources. Steap is not only USDA certified organic, it is Certified kosher by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis.

“You taste an authentic soda flavor-cola or orange for example– most especially,” says Eric, “But people say to us, ‘there is just something different.’ It’s the light hint of green tea, never before brewed into soda that makes the taste so utterly unique.”

“This is what I’ve been looking for!” says Bob Sperling of Long Island, NY who, along with his family, tries to eat organic and avoid chemicals and sugar. ‘Organic soda’ once seemed an oxymoron; now here it is-Wow! It’s like an indulgence, almost like you’re being bad, but you’re not. Steap is light, refreshing, bubbly but smooth, and packed with flavor. Now I can enjoy soda without worrying about harmful chemicals. What fun!”

“This product and others we are creating are meant to be fun,” concludes Eric. “We want to spread enjoyment. Steve and I are very serious about our commitment to organic farming and sustainable agriculture worldwide and we truly believe that there are healthy, fun, great tasting alternatives to all types of food. The Healthy Beverage Company’s mission is to change the world one drink at a time. Here’s to good health and good times!”

Steap is distributed nationally by Liberty Richter, Saddle Brook, NJ, (201) 843-8900. To learn more about Steap, contact Eric Schnell, President and CEO, The Healthy Beverage Company, PMB # 356, 2865 S. Eagle Road, Newtown, PA 18940. Phone (215) 860-8180, fax (215) 860-8185, visit or call Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744.