Javo(TM) Beverage Company and WILD Flavors to Partner in the Supply of Coffee Flavors

SAN DIEGO, April 8 — Javo(TM) Beverage Company, Inc., a manufacturer of liquid coffee concentrates, extracts and beverages, and WILD Flavors, Inc. today announced that they have teamed up to supply the growing demand for coffee flavoring systems to the packaged food and beverage industries. WILD’s global selling force of 270 individuals and Erlanger, Ky.-based scientists will collaborate with Javo in the selling and formulation of custom, turnkey flavor systems for customers who are preparing to introduce coffee flavored beverages, ice creams or other food products. Through the forging of this partnership, WILD has added an important and growing flavor category to its product line and is committed to using Javo extracts, exclusively, within its global selling and distribution system.

The success of entire new categories such as ready-to-drink coffee beverages, estimated at $102 million by the 2002 Beverage Digest/Fact Book, has spawned numerous coffee projects at many food and beverage companies across the country. Cody Ashwell, Javo Beverage Company CEO, commented, “Javo brings new technology to the task of supplying distinctive and robust coffee flavors. The partnership with WILD is really about working together on behalf of the customer to make sure Javo’s high-quality coffee flavors are at the laboratory bench where products are being developed.”

WILD, which does business in over 50 countries and is already one of the largest suppliers of high-quality flavor systems to the food and beverage industries, plans to use Javo’s coffee extracts to expand its extensive range of products and services. WILD currently markets flavors, flavor systems, juice concentrates and concentrate blends, emulsions, tea concentrates, cola concentrates, nutritional drink formulations, sweetening systems and Colors from Nature(TM).

“Whether in an iced coffee or coffee flavored dessert, U.S. consumers, like their European counterparts, are demanding the same genuine coffee flavor they have learned to enjoy at specialty coffee houses,” said Roman Kupper, Senior VP Sales & Strategic Planning, WILD Flavors, Inc.-North America. “The trend towards premium coffee flavored products has come to the forefront rather quickly and has produced a large number of flavoring projects within the packaged food and beverage industries. WILD is particularly well positioned to answer the call of customers looking for turnkey flavoring systems.”

“Coffee is a highly complex flavor and challenging for food and beverage companies to deliver on a commercial scale,” said Victoria de la Huerga, Beverage Unit VP, WILD Flavors, Inc.-North America. “Javo’s extracts are unique in the industry because they are remarkably pure and stable enough to work in most food applications.”

Javo manufactures high quality liquid coffee extracts that can add pure, genuine coffee flavor to a variety of foods and beverages. The company’s proprietary brewing technology captures the best elements of high-grade coffee beans and leaves behind the bitter overtones found in traditional coffee flavorants. Javo’s coffee-based extracts are currently used in several premium beverages because the ingredients can be produced at lower acid and oil levels, resulting in a finished consumer product that has exceptional mixability and process stability.

“WILD dramatically extends the reach of our sales and customer service groups into the food ingredients industry at a time when so many companies are looking to take advantage of the consumer demand for premium coffee flavors,” said Javo President Gary Lillian. “WILD has a knack for being at the leading edge of industry trends and helping food processors apply technology that can put excitement into their food applications.”

Javo recently announced the completion of its “first-of-a-kind” coffee- brewing facility in the San Diego area with the capacity to produce over 2 million gallons of premium coffee concentrates and extracts annually. Besides industrial food ingredients, Javo manufactures concentrated coffees that may be dispensed from hot beverage equipment in lieu of traditional brewing. The WILD agreement does not affect the active expansion of Javo’s On-Demand Coffee System to the foodservice industry.

About Javo(TM) Beverage Company
Javo(TM) Beverage Company (OTC Bulletin Board: JAVO <http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=javo.ob&d=t> – News <http://biz.yahoo.com/n/j/javo.ob.html>), based in Vista, Calif., is a manufacturer of coffee concentrates, extracts and beverages for the foodservice and food ingredient industries. For foodservice operators, Javo offers great tasting coffee concentrates in a bag-in-box pack that conveniently dispense, like juice or soft drinks. Javo also supplies coffee extracts that, when used as a food ingredient, give packaged foods and ready- to-drink beverages authentic and robust coffee flavor. Javo’s coffees, extracts and beverages are served at restaurants and foodservice establishments nationwide. More information about Javo Beverage Company is available at www.javobeverage.com http://www.javobeverage.com .

About WILD Flavors, Inc.
WILD is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality flavors, colors and ingredients to the food and beverage industries worldwide. WILD currently supplies flavors, colors, fruit preparations, custom flavors and flavors systems, as well as beverage packaging equipment, to customers in more than 50 countries. WILD is a company with global resources including more than 1,700 employees producing more than 500,000 tons of finished goods each year according to over 60,000 country-specific formulations. The company has a long history in flavored beverages, having developed and marketed CapriSun® juice drinks for many years around the world. For more information about WILD Flavors, Inc., please visit: www.wildflavors.com <http://www.wildflavors.com> .