Rox Recap From 2003 Vegas Night Club and Bar Show

Amy Rogers Zimmer, President Rox America And Gerard M. Ruvo of Skyy Spirits.
The Rox boot at the Vegas show

Real Energy ROX! That is a trademark to go down in history along with the success and turn out of the recent NIGHT CLUB AND BAR SHOW held in Las Vegas March 24th and 25th. With the official count of attendees at close to 40,000, show promoters and exhibitors could not have been more pleased nor could ROX ENERGY DRINK president Amy Rogers Zimmer. “We are extremely pleased by the success of ROX in less than a year in the US Market. We are the only other company in the energy drink sector that stands behind the product and our distributors 100% to build a brand that has the potential to grab the #1 position. ROX is moving from the East Coast to West Coast with our distribution rather rapidly!”


TASTE DOES MATTER! ROX Energy Drink’s booth was swarming with Distributor’s, attendees and competitors eager to see what the entire buzz was about! “The Buzz” was the introduction to their 1.5 pet liter bottle, which is targeted at nightclubs and bars. Available packaging for ROX is 1.5 liter, 250 ML Glass bottle (which caters to the more upscale establishment) 250 ML can and the 150 ML can. The 150 ML Can made noise of it’s own with the Vodka Companies. Skyy Vodka and Bacardi were very interested in packaging ROX with their mini-bottles!

Rox America’s business plan is obviously working based on many discussions that took place during the show. Rox America’s solid commitment to building the brand with exclusive distributors using ROX custom vans, ROX sampling vehicles, student educators and ROX POS merchandise is part of key to their success along with the Original “Great Taste” as quoted by BevNet in their reviews dated 9/15/02. If you haven’t tried ROX you should! It truly.ROX!


To find out more about ROX or becoming an Exclusive Distributor of ROX visit their web site at or contact

Rox America
PO Box 3262
Spartanburg, SC 29304

Visit ROX ENERGY DRINK at the upcoming Night Club and Bar show at the SanDiego, Convention Center in SanDiego, California June 17-18,2003