Steap Soda Sippin’ Tour Hits The MTV Music World

World According to Jess and the Tea-Soda guys
Rappin with Steap Soda
Getting Effen'd Steap'd
Akasha-Chef to The Stars and an admirer
DJ Beverly Bond telling the world about Green Tea Sodas

No sooner is the Steap Soda sippin’ tour back from it’s long trip to
Florida, wouldn’t you know it, they’re back on the road at another high end swanky event. This time we found them at the Oasis Fashion Suites for the recent MTV Video Awards held in New York. It seems the word continues to spread about Steap Green Tea Soda and how much the fashion/celebrity world just loves this new Tea-Soda. We also learned that not only is Steap Soda delicious right out of the cooler, it seems to work as a great mixer as well. Steap Soda and the newest imported vodka from Holland, Effen, teamed up to serve Effen-Steaps all day…a shot of either plain Effen Vodka with a splash of your favorite Steap Soda flavor or the new Effen black cherry vodka with a splash of Steap Root Beer…mmmmmmmmmm good!! Word has it everyone got “effen steap’d”…and all left “buzzing” about Steap Green Tea Soda.