Introducing White T Soda


@@img1 New York, NY, Dec. 20, 2003 – George Lois has announced the formation of the International White Tea Company, the first company to create and market a full line of premium soft drinks naturally blended with the world’s finest White Teas. Mr. Lois serves as Chairman and Creative Director of the company that plans to make White T Soda a household staple, and has assembled a team of industry experts to facilitate rapid expansion into the main stream beverage aisle.

Lois, internationally acclaimed as the most creative and prolific advertising communicator of our time, is renowned for dozens of marketing miracles that triggered innovative and populist changes in America. He made “I want my MTV” the mantra for the youth of America, introduced the Xerox culture, created a new marketing category with Lean Cuisine, made the totally unknown Tommy Hilfiger famous with just one ad, and saved USA TODAY from extinction with yet another breakthrough ad campaign.

In making the announcement, Lois said, “I’ve had a long career of working on great products, but it’s rare to be involved at the inception of a totally unique, breakthrough, Big Idea product. We created White T as the first healthy adult antioxidant soft drink, and then found out that kids not only LOVE it, but it also prevents cavities. We’re thrilled that the great taste of White T will lure youngsters away from unhealthy sodas and colas while providing health benefits.”

White T is made with rare white tea buds plucked from the very top of the tea plant. It contains up to five times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea (recent studies have shown that antioxidants help fight cancer, osteoporosis, aging, and cavities). White T also has 20% less calories and sugar than leading brands of sodas.

With its antioxidant levels, White Tea has been proven to possess many health benefits that continue to be documented in major media reports, almost on a daily basis. For instance, the TODAY SHOW reported on August 6, 2003 that White Tea can significantly improve oral health because it suppresses the growth of cavity causing microbes and interferes with the bacteria’s ability to stick to teeth.

The International White Tea Company has secured access to some of the world’s rarest and finest White Teas, and has developed a full line of naturally blended soft drinks in six flavors: Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, Raspberry Lemon, and Diet Ginger Peach. All non-diet White T sodas are sweetened with Chicory syrup, one of the healthiest and most digestible sweeteners available. White T diet sodas contain all natural Sucralose sweeteners, and have zero calories.

White T will initially be distributed by Quality Distribution Services and Brighton Beach Distributors, and will be available through the world’s largest food service providers, concessionaires, retailers, and fast-food chains at the beginning of the year. Its suggested retail price is $1.49 a bottle.

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