Team IMPULSE ENERGY wins Championship Title at the first NBA Hoop-It-Up Basketball Tournament

Team Impulse -- Winners of the NBA Hoop-It-Up Basketball Tournament

Miami, Florida – May – Team IMPULSE ENERGY won the Championship Title at the first NBA Hoop-It-Up Basketball Tournament, which took place in Miami, at the Office Depot Center on May 1 & 2, 2004. Impulse Energy flew their winning team, made up of ex NFL players, to Miami in order to represent Impulse Beverage Co. at the most credible street event. Impulse knows in order to connect with the brand loyal urban market they have to prove they are street worthy. Team Impulse Energy proved loud and clear, to the thousands of players and attendees, Impulse Energy Drink delivers on their promise to immediately enhance mental and physical efficiency to Elevate Your Performance. Impulse Energy drink stimulates your senses, activates your body, motivates your mind, strengthens your ability, and improves your performance. Drink Impulse and Achieve. Team Impulse Energy drinks Impulse and wins.


Impulse is creating an entire marketing program to support their winning team beyond the black top. An aggressive POS program is being designed to create a demand at retail level. The program will consist of stickers, posters, shelf talkers and banners. Additionally, a unique sales incentive is being crafted for all levels of trade. From club store managers to consumers, all will be able to enter a contest to win an opportunity to play on the Impulse Energy Team. No other company provides such an opportunity.

Impulse Energy will continue to play in major cities around the country representing the brand and creating a winning buzz, for both the team and the product. As the Impulse sales force hits the streets in each markets so will Team Impulse Energy. Look out. Impulse is gonna getcha.

To learn more about the NBA Hoop-It-Up Tournaments check out their website


Impulse Beverage Company is leading the next generation of energy drinks. The award winning combination of great taste, proven functionality, modern packaging and intelligent business strategy positions Impulse Energy to be able to compete successfully as a top contender in the ever-evolving intensifying energy drink category. Impulse hit the market in 2001, with distribution limited to the South Florida market. According to plan, in just three years Impulse has become the preferred beverage choice of Miami’s famous South Beach. The brand is demonstrating consistent triple digit growth and worldwide awareness. As a result of the strong South Florida market presence and multi-cultural acceptance, Impulse created a high international demand. By year-end, Impulse Energy will be distributed in 25 countries. Impulse is widely recognized within the international industry as the most promising energy drink manufactured and marketed in the USA.

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