FAIRFIELD, NJ (October 12, 2004) — New York City notables including Jerry Seinfeld, Edie Falco, Will Ferrell, Rudy Giuliani, President Bill & Senator Hillary Clinton, Zac Posen, Derek Jeter, Donald Trump and Britney Spears will receive a healthy dose of calcium in the coming weeks thanks to Sanfaustino, the Calcium Water.

The all natural, calcium-rich water is being delivered to the doorsteps of 1000 NYC celebs and notables by Mitchell’s NY Beverage Direct as part of a large-scale sampling program to New York City’s trendsetters and tastemakers. The special delivery aims to refresh and educate. Cases are delivered with a personal note that boasts: Drinking eight glasses of all natural, lightly effervescent Sanfaustino provides up to 80% of the adult calcium RDA. In fact, Sanfaustino is the only water in America deemed a “Good Source of Calcium” by the FDA.

Beginning in January, Sanfaustino plans to devote equal attention to the west coast with special delivery to Los Angeles notables and celebrities. Sanfaustino is already a hot topic in Hollywood; enjoyed on the set of NBC’s JOEY, and behind-the-scenes at over 20 shows including Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives, ER, and Cold Case.

Those New Yorkers not lucky enough to receive a free case of Sanfaustino on their doorsteps can visit Food Emporium, Fairway, Dean & Deluca, Gristede’s, Grace’s Market Place, Balducci’s, Agata & Valentina, Gourmet Garage or any other fine NYC retailer to get their daily calcium. New Yorkers can also have Sanfaustino delivered to their home from Mitchell’s NY Beverage Direct (212.279.6455).

Sanfaustino is currently available nationwide in fine gourmet and health food stores, as well as supermarket chains including Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, and Kowalski’s (MN).

About Sanfaustino: All-natural Sanfaustino comes direct from a one-of-a- kind mountain spring in Umbria, Italy that generates a lightly effervescent water high in calcium. Sanfaustino is the only bottled water deemed a “Good Source of Calcium” by the FDA. In fact, drinking eight glasses of lightly effervescent Sanfaustino provides up to 80% of the adult calcium RDA.
Sanfaustino also provides a fat free, calorie free, carb free, and sodium free alternative to other calcium sources. Sanfaustino has been enjoyed by Italians since 1894 and is now available in the United States. Look for Sanfaustino at gourmet and natural foods stores and in the natural foods section of grocers nationwide. Additional information on Sanfaustino’s health benefits and comparisons to other products can be found on the Company’s new website,

For additional information, please contact:
Carrie Waible/Kelli Coppola
T: 646.423.0230/T: 646.245.7486