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NACS SHOW 2004 BOOTH #1451

Miami, Florida – October 11, 2004 – Impulse Beverage Company was approved to sell and market their complete line of energy drinks IMPULSE ENERGY, IMPULSE EXTREME Sugar Free with Triple the Energy and IMPULSE ZERO ­Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar & Zero Calories, to General Nutrition Centers Inc. (GNC) franchisee¹s worldwide. GNC, the nation¹s largest specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, which has over 5,000 retail centers worldwide. The GNC mission is to continue to be the leading provider of products, services and information in the self-care and personal health enhancement market.

The GNC authorization happened at a paramount time for Impulse Beverage Company. Impulse is just beginning to aggressively go after US independent beverage distributors. Now, any distributor that comes on board can service the independent GNC franchisee¹s in their territory. In the meantime, Impulse has a dedicated in house sales team that calls on all GNC locations selling Impulse.

In fact, Impulse currently has an exclusive GNC Sales Promo running. GNC locations can receive a FREE Impulse Counter Top Cooler, Polo shirts, T-Shirts and a customized Impulse Banner to hang in their store.

On top of the great sales opportunities, GNC sets the standard in the health and nutrition industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting edge of nutritional science. This third party endorsement substantiates Impulse Energy Drinks as a serious contender in the in the ever-evolving intensifying energy drink category and confirms Impulse is leading the next generation of Energy Drinks.

Impulse Beverage Company is leading the next generation of energy drinks.
The award winning combination of great taste, proven functionality, modern packaging and intelligent business strategy positions Impulse Energy Drinks to be able to compete successfully as a serious contender in the ever-evolving intensifying energy drink category. Impulse hit the market in 2001, with distribution limited to the South Florida market. According to plan, in just three years Impulse has become the preferred beverage choice of Miami¹s famous South Beach. The brand is demonstrating consistent triple digit growth and worldwide awareness. As a result of the strong South Florida market presence and multi-cultural acceptance, Impulse created a high international demand. By year-end, Impulse Energy Drinks will be distributed in over 25 countries. Impulse is widely recognized within the international industry as the most promising and best tasting energy drink manufactured and marketed in the USA.