Complete Campaign Designed from Product to Events
NACS SHOW 2004 BOOTH #1451

Miami, Florida – October 12, 2004 – Impulse Beverage Company realizes members of what are variously called the Hispanic, Latino and Mexican markets have become the nation’s largest minority group, and in some communities in effect define the total population. For that fact alone the Company has decided to dedicate resources to roll out a complete marketing program to reach this important market.

Impulse Beverage Company has created Spanish labels (cans) for all three offerings – IMPULSE ENERGY, IMPULSE EXTREME Sugar Free with Triple the Energy & IMPULSE ZERO -Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar & Zero Calories – with the option to special order. The Company has found the Spanish version cans to be an intelligent way to reach this population first and foremost. A variety of point of sale merchandise to support either the English or Spanish product, reads “PREMIADA LA BEBIDA ENERGETICA DE MEJOR SABOR” “ELEVA TU RENDIMIENTO,” which translates to “WORLD’S BEST TASTING ENERGY DRINK,” and “ELEVATE YOUR PERFORMANCE.” Both taglines are consistent to the brand identity used across the brands platforms in all markets and channels of trade.

Additionally, Impulse Beverage Company has partnered with, a Latino party promotion web-based company. Impulse is the official sponsor of all the MEA CULPA events. The My Fault, themed parties has a proven success record in numerous hot South Beach Miami venues and many Latin American city hot spots. has presence in all major cities across the US and a huge presence in Latin America. Being’s only energy drink sponsor, has created a great market buzz within the Latin community.

Impulse Beverage Company is leading the next generation of energy drinks. The award winning combination of great taste, proven functionality, modern packaging and intelligent business strategy positions Impulse Energy Drinks to be able to compete successfully as a serious contender in the ever-evolving intensifying energy drink category. Impulse hit the market in 2001, with distribution limited to the South Florida market. According to plan, in just three years Impulse has become the preferred beverage choice of Miami’s famous South Beach. The brand is demonstrating consistent triple digit growth and worldwide awareness. As a result of the strong South Florida market presence and multi-cultural acceptance, Impulse created a high international demand. By year-end, Impulse Energy Drinks will be distributed in 25 countries. Impulse is widely recognized within the international industry as the most promising and best tasting energy drink manufactured and marketed in the USA.