New York Times Style Magazine Anoints Fizzy Lizzy “In”

New York, NY In a feature called “Expiration Date,” today’s New York Times Style Magazine declared Fizzy Lizzy “In” (and Orangina “Out”) along with fifteen other products and trends in the food and restaurant industry.

Fizzy Lizzy is a line of all-natural beverages consisting of fruit juice and seltzer with no added sugar or corn syrup and a whopping 70% juice. Fizzy Lizzy is known for its purity. (The company uses primarily the real juice named on the label and not less expensive filler juices). Available in six flavors (cranberry, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, concord grape, and fuji apple), Fizzy Lizzy contains significantly fewer calories and carbohydrates than regular soda or juice and each bottle provides a full day’s supply of Vitamin C.

Fizzy Lizzy was created by Liz Marlin (a native New Yorker), who loves to cook and share recipes with friends. “I started Fizzy Lizzy because I always mix fruit juice and sparkling water at home,” Liz explains, “but could never find such a delicious and thirst-quenching concoction in stores. I know how many other people crave a healthful alternative to soda and a drink that’s not too sweet. Fizzy Lizzy is just such an elixir, with all the nutrients of plain juice and the refreshing effervescence of sparkling water.”

Fizzy Lizzy’s distribution continues to grow considerably and now includes Cheese Works (East and West Coasts), Associated Buyers (New England), B.K. Enterprises (metro Philadelphia), Global Specialty Foods (Atlanta), Cavallaro Specialty Foods (Upstate NY), Brentwood Distributors (Pittsburgh), Folsom Distributors (St. Louis), Southern Wine (Las Vegas), and Mountain People’s Warehouse. Fizzy Lizzy was named Best in Aisle at the Summer Fancy Food Show in 2003 and received the Award of Excellence from the American Tasting Institute in 2000. For pricing and additional information, please call 800-203-9336 and/or visit