Snapple “Returns the Favor” to Snapple Fans with New Advertising Campaign Featuring…Snapple Fans! Integrated Snapple Campaign Marks the Return of Wendy “The Snapple Lady”

Snapple “Returns the Favor” to Snapple Fans starting January 17 with the debut of its new advertising campaign. The spots look to reconnect with Snapple consumers in a lighthearted way while introducing two new flavors: Diet Plum-A-Granate Iced Tea and Diet Lemonade Iced Tea. The integrated campaign includes television, radio, Internet, promotion and events that focus on the “return the favor” concept. The spots also mark the return of Wendy “The Snapple Lady” Kaufman to Snapple’s advertising campaign. Wendy’s unmistakable voice will be heard in the television ads.

Snapple is celebrating the launch of the new ads by ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday January 12. More than twenty-five Snapple employees will be joining Jack Belsito, President of Snapple Distributing Company, to ring the bell.

The scheduled January release of the new television ads is new for Snapple. “Snapple traditionally concentrates its core advertising dollars in the warm weather months,” said Steven Jarmon, Vice President, Marketing Resources, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. “However, our consumers are concerned about their diet and overall wellness, especially at the start of the New Year. The ads will debut now during the winter months when our consumers are thirsting for variety in their choice of diet beverages.”

The campaign, created by Cliff Freeman & Partners, embraces Snapple’s roots and its early approach to advertising. The ads open with Snapple fans being interviewed about their favorite flavor providing honest and somewhat unconventional compliments about Snapple. In the next scene, various acquaintances of the Snapple fan “return the favor” by saying something “nice.” To keep the ads fresh, different endings have been shot and will be mixed into the rotation. Each of the executions will feature the tagline: “The best flavors on Earth, made for the best people on Earth.”

“We’re excited to “return the favor” and reward loyal Snapple fans in our new campaign,” said Holly Mensch, Vice President, Snapple Marketing. “And we know that Wendy’s voiceover will be a fun and unexpected surprise.”

“Snapple has always prided itself on connecting with its consumers,” said Cliff Freeman, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Cliff Freeman & Partners. “This campaign allows Snapple to involve real fans and give something back by returning the compliment to them.”



“Bob-Children”–featuring Robert Tholen of Guttenberg, NJ, and Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea

Bob, a school principal says he likes Diet Raspberry Iced Tea because it doesn’t have that “diety” flavor. Wendy’s voice cuts in and thanks Bob for saying something nice about Snapple and introduces Bob’s co-worker and some young students who are going to say something nice about him. The ad then cuts to Bob’s vice principal who says that Bob has excellent hair. Two students then debate the actual color of their principal’s hair while another young student shyly says she likes the principal because he’s cute.

“Bob-Lunch Ladies”–featuring Robert Tholen of Guttenberg, NJ, and Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea

This spot opens identically to “Bob-Children,” but cuts to lunchroom aides who comment on how healthy Bob is. One goes so far as to call Bob a “health freak.”

“Vicki-Scuba”–featuring Vicki Siedow of Glendale, CA, and Diet Snapple Apple

Vicki, a private investigator, loves Diet Snapple Apple because it doesn’t taste like a diet drink. Wendy’s voice cuts in and thanks Vicki for saying something nice about Snapple and then introduces a married couple who are Vicki’s neighbors. They say that she is so good at her job that she could find the lost city of Atlantis – if she was given SCUBA gear.

“Vicki-Wedding”–featuring Vicki Siedow of Glendale, CA, and Diet Snapple Apple

This spot opens identically to “Vicki-Scuba.” It cuts to her same neighbors who now compliment Vicki on her ability to find bargains and sew a wedding dress the night before a wedding.

“Tuckey-Junkyard”–featuring Taxiarhi “Tuckey” Mellios of South River, NJ, and Diet Snapple Plum-A-Granate Iced Tea

“Tuckey” the car mechanic says he likes the taste of the new Diet Plum-A-Granate Iced Tea flavor because it tastes like plums, has a lot of fruit flavor, and it’s tingly in his mouth. Wendy’s voice cuts in and thanks “Tuckey” for saying something nice about Snapple and introduces one of “Tuckey’s” customers who is going to say something nice about him. The ad then cuts to a customer, who says she likes “Tuckey” because he’s an honest mechanic. He let her know which junkyard her car was in after he wrecked it.

“Natalie-Dog”–featuring Natalie Paulson of Los Angeles, CA, and Diet Snapple Lemonade Iced Tea

Natalie, an animal trainer, says she likes Diet Snapple Lemonade Iced Tea because it tastes great and is refreshing. Wendy’s voice cuts in and thanks Natalie for saying something nice about Snapple and introduces a friend of Natalie’s who compliments her on her ability to understand animals. The woman’s dog agrees.


The ad campaign launches January 17 on networks and programs such as ABC’s Desperate Housewives, Alias, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, CBS’s Two & Half Men and CSI: New York, WB’s 7th Heaven and Smallville, as well as CMT, TBS, TNT, E!, HGTV, Spike TV, FX, Lifetime, The Food Network, and Comedy Central. The spots will air throughout January and February and return during the summer months. Additionally, some markets will also feature local radio to support the campaign.


Snapple will be running an under-the-cap promotion in 2005 entitled “Win Yourself a Favor Instantly.” The promotion will run from May through August 2005–details will be revealed in Spring 2005.


A redesigned website will be launching on January 24 from New York-based Chopping Block, which collaborated with Cliff Freeman & Partners on development. The idea behind the website follows the overall campaign of “Return the Favor.” It allows consumers to write and submit something nice about Snapple, their favorite flavor, and their friends. Snapple will then “Return the Favor” and contact them and their friends with something nice to say about them. Additionally, the website will feature the new television commercials, showcase actual “Snapple lovers” on its homepage, see how many “favors” Snapple has delivered to date, and even allow users to submit pictures and stories of friends that have done something “favor-worthy.”


Snapple is hitting the road for a sampling tour in February. Snapple will also be hitting the road for ‘return the favor’ events in spring and summer 2005.


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