“au natural” is totally in this summer season…

whitestone, ny (february 1, 2005) – attention all diet coke and diet snapple drinkers out there who aren’t losing weight: ever ask yourself why? while you might think it sounds logical that a “diet” beverage will help you shed the pounds, think again.

a recent study conducted by researchers at purdue university (“a pavlovian approach to the problem of obesity,” june, 2004) found that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s natural ability to “count” calories based on foods’ sweetness, perhaps explaining why an increasing number of people in the united states are unable to regulate their food intake and continue to gain weight.


so what’s a thirsty dieter – who can’t fathom the notion of giving up diet beverages or drinking eight glasses of plain water every day – to do? trash that moo-moo you’ve been sporting since the summer of 1990 and listen up.

enhanced water category pioneer glacéau, maker of vitaminwaterT and smartwater®, unveils fruitwater®, a very low-calorie water with a natural, light flavor. unlike other diet beverages on the market, fruitwater is completely free of artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives. vapor-distilled water, electrolytes (which expedite hydration), light fruit flavor and low levels of crystalline fructose (a very pure, high-quality sweetener – same as that found in fruit) are the products’ only ingredients. at only 20 calories per serving, fruitwater is the “natural way to diet.”

“over the last 25 years, there has been an increase in the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages as well as a rise in the incidence of obesity. because they are fully flavored, non-nutritive, artificial sweeteners trick our bodies into thinking they are drinking something packed with sugar, increasing our dependency on sweets and very often actually making it more difficult to lose weight,” said cindy sherwin, msrd. “with a light, natural flavor, fruitwater – which contains low levels of natural sweetener – is an ideal option for people looking to wean off sugar and drop pounds.”

fruitwater will be hitting store shelves in the next couple of weeks. it is available in five refreshing varieties in 20-ounce bottles at a suggested retail price of $1.49:

o lemon
o raspberry
o peach
o grape
o lime

formed in 1996, glacéau® is the creator of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwaterT, fruitwater® and smartwater®. sure “glacéau” may sound like a really far away place but we’re right here in queens. being from new york , there’s no b.s. about us. we are all about keeping things real and so we use only natural flavors and colors in our products. glacéau was started by a guy who simply wanted better water and couldn’t find it, so he made it himself. glacéau has experienced more than 200% compounded annual growth since inception, and now more than 250 million bottles are sold every year to thirsty people like you. not bad for a little company based in queens. for more information visit www.glaceau.com