Beverage Options, LLC Introduces Orange County Chopper Energy Drink for United States Distribution.

Montgomery, New York – Beverage Options, LLC a Sales and Marketing Company in Montgomery, New York, has announced that it has contracted to distribute and market Orange County High Octane Energy Drink in the United States. Orange County Chopper (OCC) High Octane Energy Drink is a refreshing blue raspberry flavored non-alcoholic beverage that contains vitamins, caffeine, taurine and guarana. The beverage is the off spring to the wildly popular Discovery Channel show “American Chopper”.

” The quality and taste of this product coupled with the synergies between American Chopper’s demographics and core demographics of energy drinks position the product at the right time and place” said Michael Primelo, Vice President of Sales, Beverage Options, LLC. “Consumers are looking for options in this explosive category that combine great taste with desired results.”

The product is available in 8.4 oz slim cans and features the Orange County Chopper logo and black and white flame art. The product is currently available in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, Connecticut and California. The product is also being debuted in Sam’s Clubs Roadshow in conjunction with a custom made chopper built by Orange County Chopper in Montgomery, New York. The show begins in Arkansas and will continue through all of Sam’s Club stores nationally in 2005.

Distribution opportunities are currently available throughout the country. Inquiries regarding distribution should be sent to:

Michael Primelo
Beverage Options, LLC
571 Winding Hills Road
Montgomery, New York 12549
Phone: (845) 361-1025
Fax: (845) 361-1652