New Leaf Explodes Onto the Market

Orangeburg, NY, February 2005- Amid recent studies of the benefits of white tea, New Leaf’s three all natural white tea flavors have made a great impact in New York City. After only one month of being on the market, New Leaf’s White Tea Flavors are among the top selling beverages in many of New York metro’s top accounts.

The growing public awareness of the benefits of white tea has surely played a role in the popularity of white tea beverages. Among recent reports, studies have shown white tea boasts the same types of cancer-fighting antioxidants as green tea, but in even greater amounts. Studies also have indicated that White Tea Extract (WTE) may prevent and/or slow the growth of bacteria that cause pneumonia and dental infections. However, New Leaf’s white tea beverages paired with a wonderful taste and sophisticated packaging also help in its allure. “Its flying off the shelf,” says Anthony Ramos, New Leaf Area Manager of Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn.

New Leaf offers consumers a refreshing new look and taste. “New Leaf has a refreshing taste. You can actually guzzle it,” says Eli Trujillo, Downtown Manhattan Area Manager. “Customers like the whole package, inside and out.”

New Leaf is an all natural line of green and white teas made with evaporated cane juice as opposed to high fructose corn syrup. The result is a taste that no other tea line offers. “It’s clean and smooth. It has an upscale look with an upscale taste to match,” says Ramos. “All of these positive aspects make it very marketable,” concludes Trujillo. New Leaf’s three white tea flavors include White Tea with Grapefruit, White Tea with Ginseng and Honey, and the most popular, White Tea with Honeydew melon.

About New Leaf- Available in five refreshing flavors, Green Tea with Plum, Green Tea with Ginseng, White Tea with Ginseng and Honey, White Tea with Honeydew Melon, and White Tea with Grapefruit, New Leaf is a rarity in today’s market; not only offering smooth delicious flavor, but also packaged in a refined elegant glass bottle. New Leaf’s first month in the market has proven to be exceptional. The refurbished look of New Leaf green and white teas has enticed national as well as international clients. New Leaf distribution has been secured in nearly all prime national markets, including the East and West Coasts. Distribution has also started in the islands of Bermuda.

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