Privately Held Inko’s White Tea Announces First Year-End Financial Results

Privately held Inko’s LLC, the first beverage company dedicated to producing Ready-To-Drink teas containing one of the rarest in the world – white tea – today announced its first financial results to provide a barometer for the Ready-to-Drink White Tea Beverage Category it launched in 2003.

For the 2004-year, sales rose six-fold $640,000 from $105,000 in 2003. Net income for year-end 2004 grew to $26,190 as compared to a loss of $209,900 one year ago.

For the first two months of 2005, Inko’s reports winter-month revenues of $134,000.

“Because we created this sector, Inko’s has a responsibility, no matter its size, to provide a financial benchmark, or launching point, for a category that shows no signs of slowing down,” states Andrew Schamisso, founder and president of Inko’s LLC. “It is important to note that Inko’s growth is basically attributed to word-of-mouth advertising promulgated via what we firmly believe is the best-tasting RTD tea on the market.”

Continuing medical research is being conducted to examine the potential health properties in white tea and some studies show that white tea has a higher level of antioxidants than green tea, potentially making it a superior cancer fighter. These findings are an important reason why Inko’s LLC, as a company, was created. And, to do its part, Inko’s continues to contribute philanthropically to white-tea cancer research with the goal of one day providing concrete evidence of white tea’s benefits.

Inko’s Awards Three Years Running:

WINNER 2003 – “Best Non Carbonated Soft Drink” – The Beverage Network

WINNER 2004 – “Best Sweetened and Unflavored Iced Tea” – Take Me 2 Tea Expo

WINNER 2005 – “Best of 2004″ Award: Inko’s Blueberry White Tea” – The beverage Network

Some of the featured retail outlets where consumers can find Inko’s include: Whole Foods, Kings Supermarkets, Wegmans Supermarkets, Stop and Shop Supermarkets, D’Agastino’s Supermarkets, Central Markets, PC Greens, Vicente Foods, GNC, My Organic Markets, Fairway and the famed New York gourmet institution Grace’s Marketplace as well as Manhattan’s most famous independent movie House-Lincoln Plaza Cinema.

Established in 2002, Manhattan-based Inko’s LLC is dedicated to bringing the unique taste and health benefits of white tea to the types of people who would never allow themselves and/or their children to drink sugar-drenched beverages. To learn more about Inko’s or where you can purchase their teas, please feel free to contact Alex Reist at 917-273-7594, toll free at 866-747-INKO or via email at

                          INKO'S LLC RESULTS 
                           12 Months Ended: 
                                        2004                  2003 
Sales                                 $640,000              $105,000 
Cost of Goods Sold                     380,000                80,000 
Gross Profit                           260,000                25,000 
Gross Margin                             40.60%                23.75% 
Selling, General, Admin.               $48,850                $7,600 
Total Operating Expenses               184,960               227,300 
Net Income                              26,190              (209,900) 

CONTACT: Inko’s LLC Mike Scicchitano 1-516-728-4450 or 1-866-747-INKO