Xtazy Energy Drink hits East and West Coasts

NEW YORK — A ground-breaking new guarana-based energy drink with an energy-boosting combination of vitamins, herbs, taurine and natural guarana-derived caffeine will be ready for distribution June 10, Xtazy Beverage Company Ltd. has announced. California and New York markets will get the first taste of the powerful new product line.

This product takes energy drinks to the next level, says Serg Bek, president of Xtazy Beverage. Not only do they taste great, they have what we feel is the most powerful formula around. Xtazy comes in Orange, Lime and Cranberry Blast flavors and will be sold in a first-ever 12-ounce sleek can.
In addition to having 1,000 milligrams of taurine, Xtazy contains 900 milligrams of guaranine, a natural form of a natural form of caffeine that works stronger, lasts longer and tastes better than other forms of caffeine, the company says.

Xtazy Energy Drinks also contain 1,000 percent of the U.S. recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, 100 to 1,000 percent RDA of B vitamins, and adaptogenic herbs like Panax ginseng (noted for its anti-fatigue properties), milk thistle (an antioxidant), and ginkgo biloba, which improves circulation, especially to the brain. The product is naturally low in carbohydrates and has less sodium than competing drinks, the company reports.

Unique shape, too: The new drink will be marketed in a first-ever 12-ounce sleek can with a bold new design. The can is about the same diameter as an 8.3-ounce can, but its taller and holds 50 percent more beverage. Suggested retail price for Xtazy Energy Drink is $1.99, about the same price as competing drinks in 8.3-ounce cans.

Says Bek, Xtazy Energy Drink releases natural stimulants over time, so instead of a sudden rush and quick crash you get an escalating curve of energy that continues for hours. And it has a clean, fruity taste, with no aftertaste.

For more information on Xtazy Energy Drink, contact Xtazy Beverage Company, Ltd., at (866) 521-8080, e-mail sales@xtazyenergy.com, or visit www.xtazyenergy.com.