“H2Om” water with intention, Pioneering the way with a new wave of bottled waters.

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Los Angeles, California — H2Om LLC, today announced further details about the world’s first vibrationally charged, interactive, bottled water.

H2Om is a crystal clear natural spring water infused with the power of intention. It resonates with the highest vibratory signatures available. Love and Perfect Health are the first two varieties to be offered. Several distinctive energetic frequencies are introduced to each bottle of H2Om. The process utilizes words, thought, music and human interaction.

Recent worldwide studies have shown that water registers and faithfully illustrates its response to the frequencies it is exposed to. Photographic documentation has confirmed that water is directly effected by words, sound waves, and thought patterns.

Since its launch February 14th, 2006, H2Om has attracted the attention of scientists, celebrities, philanthropists, and the press worldwide. From The Wall Street Journal to InStyle Magazine people are beginning to notice that there is something very special about this water.

“What makes H2Om so special is the message in the bottle. It actually came to me in a dream. When I awoke I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a bottled water that could inspire people to think positive, live healthy, experience gratitude, and absorb all the positive energy that the water itself could hold? After two years years of research and development, the first ever H2Om infusion process was created. It begins with the words on the label written in many of the world’s languages. The words themselves resonate at a specific frequency which the water receives. Next, we present the water with sound waves and music created with specific intent for each variety. Last but not least, once you buy H2Om at the store, the label’s message serves as a reminder for you to take a moment and focus on the intention. You â?~think it while you drink it.” As you imagine pure love or perfect health energy being absorbed by your body, you’ve created an energetic interaction with the very element that sustains your life. Your body is in a state which is completely receptive. And as the H2Om joins with the seventy percent of water in your body, you carry that intent with you throughout your day and therefore out into the world. It’s that simple.” according to Lex Lang co- founder and CEO.

In an excerpt from the March 10th Wall Street Journal, Science Journal, chemical physicist Anders Nilsson of Stanford says, “It’s amazing we don’t really understand the structure of water. Liquid water, has a structure totally at odds with what textbooks say and what scientists have believed for more than a century.” Rustum Roy, a materials scientist at Pennsylvania State University and co-author of the paper in Materials Research Innovations said, “People have ignored the possibility that liquid water can have multiple structures, But there is good evidence…” In a new paper, from their review of more than 100 studies, William Tiller, former chairman of materials science at Stanford and his colleagues concluded that “water can indeed have its properties effected and hence its structure changed rather easily.”

In alignment with its vision to work alongside non-profit organizations, which strive to create positive change on our planet, H2Om is dedicated to supporting funds, charities, and events which inspire social and environmental awareness and solution building.

“It is very important to us to be working with creative people that are like minded regarding the long term protection and enhancement of our natural environment. We are currently participating in events with the Rainforest Foundation Fund, Comedy for a Cure, The Love Planet Foundation, and we actively support the millennium goals of United Nation’s Water for Life, International Decade for Action campaign” said Sandy Fox co-founder and president.

H2Om will be sold through health food stores, spas and yoga studios at an MSRP of $1.59 per half-liter bottle, less than the cost of many of today’s premium waters.

What is the message? Love. Give. Be grateful. Live a positive healthy life. Stay hydrated. And whichever variety of H2Om water you decide to drink, “Think it while you drink it.”