Bravo! Foods International Corp. to Launch General Mills Branded Flavored Milks

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL – April 20, 2006 – Bravo! Foods International Corp., a brand development and marketing company that manufactures, promotes and distributes vitamin-fortified, flavored milk drinks and other beverages, announced today that it will launch TRIX, COCOA PUFFS, and WHEATIES flavored, fortified, extended shelf life milk drinks under a recently signed five year trademark licensing agreement with General Mills Marketing, Inc. In addition to these brands the agreement covers LUCKY CHARMS, COUNT CHOCULA, BOOBERRY, and FRANKENBERRY. Bravo! has the right to use the equity characters associated with each brand.

Bravo! will market these General Mills brands of flavored milks in grocery stores, mass market retailers, convenience stores, bodegas, vending machines and schools in the fifty states in the US including the District of Columbia. Bravo! also has the right to market these products in Canada. The license agreement was effective February 1, 2006 and extends through December 31, 2011.

Roy Warren, Chief Executive Officer commented, “General Mills is one of the premier packaged food product companies in the United States and we are extremely pleased to be able to use these brands to further broaden Bravo!’s fortified milk products portfolio.” He further commented, “The ability of Bravo! to use these highly recognized brand names of General Mills is further acknowledgement of the wide consumer acceptance of Bravo!’s flavored milk products and is another step towards increasing Bravo!’s sales and product recognition.”

Galen Hersey, Trademark Licensing Manager of General Mills commented, “Bravo! is a leading player in the flavored fortified milk segment and we are extremely pleased to be working with Bravo!. This is a great opportunity for General Mills, as the potential market for flavored milk products is large and we are excited about expanding our brand recognition into this product category.”

About the Company
Bravo! Foods International Corp. develops, brands, markets, distributes and sells nutritious, flavored milk products throughout the 50 United States, Great Britain and various Middle Eastern countries. Bravo!’s products are available in the United States and internationally through production agreements with regional aseptic milk processors and are currently sold under the brand names Slammers(R) and Bravo!(TM). Bravo!’s Slammers(R) products are available nationwide in popular chains such as: 7-Eleven, A&P, Dutch Farms, Giant Food Stores, Jewel, Kings, Pathmark, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Shaw’s, ShopRite, Speedway, SuperTarget, Unified, Waldbaums and Walgreens.

Many of Bravo! Foods’ Slammers(R) lines of shelf-stable, single-serve milk drinks are co-branded through exclusive partnerships with Masterfoods, a division of Mars Incorporated, and MD Enterprises (Moon Pie(R)), providing superior name recognition packaged with quality, great-tasting drinks.

On November 1, 2005, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. began distribution of the Slammers(R) Masterfoods line, as well as the Bravo!’s Slim Slammers(R) and Pro Slammers(TM) products, under a Master Distribution Agreement with Bravo!

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