SodaLixir’sT Green Dragon Stress-Relieving Soda lands Whole Foods Markets


@@img1SANTA MONICA, CA, July 1, 2006- SodaLixir’s® Green DragonT, the world’s first herbal Stress Relieving Soda, is now being sold in Whole Foods Markets throughout the Northern California region. Green DragonT, is an all-natural, non-alcoholic brewed ginger soda, containing a Chinese herbal extract that produces a sense of relaxation and stress-relief-without being sedating.

Green Dragon stands apart from the recent glut of ‘energy’ drinks on the market by bringing about a calm and centered demeanor, rather than ‘amping-up’ and stimulating the drinker, as do products like Red BullT, Full ThrottleT and their kin.

“Green Dragon has been selling incredibly well in the independent health food store chains, and we’re excited that Whole Foods has decided to pick up the line,” says Lawrence Miller, president and co-founder of SodaLixir Herbal Beverages. “With only word-of-mouth marketing to this point, Green Dragon has attracted a mass of dedicated customers based solely on the the product’s taste and effectiveness,” Miller says. “It’s the perfect beverage to drink on the way home from work, or whenever you just want to chill out,” he adds. “The effects can be felt in 5-10 minutes-it’s really quite remarkable.”

The herbal formula in Green Dragon was developed by SodaLixir’s team of nationally-licensed, professional herbalists. Only the highest quality Chinese herbs are used to produce the Green Dragon extract; this, in combination with SodaLixir’s proprietary, state-of-the-art extraction method, provides the highest quality herbal beverage available today.

Green Dragon is currently available in more than 50 health food stores and specialty markets in Northern and Southern California, including Northern California Whole Foods Markets, Rainbow Market, Real Food Grocery, Erewhon, Rainbow Acres and Follow Your Heart. Distribution agreements for the Western region are currently in negotiation; SodaLixir plans to expand the product launch north and eastward toward the end of 2006.

About the Company-SodaLixirT Herbal Beverages was founded in 2004 to produce a line of functional herbal beverages that deliciously address the effects of modern life. Other safe, healthy and effective products are currently in development. For more information, contact SodaLixir at (877) HERB-SODA (437-2763).