@@img1Orange County, California – A new energy drink has just hit the U.S. Market: Daredevil and Daredevil Lighter Fluid. Targeted at the individual who is ready to take chances, follow their passions, and thrives on the possibility of defying the odds. The drinks were formulated by Bobby Giacobbe, Owner and President of Outlast Nutrition LLC. A bit of a Daredevil himself, Mr. Giacobbe left his industry after 15 years, and went out on his own to pursue his dream to create a one of a kind beverage.

The beverage would have exceptional taste, and enough energy benefits to “live life on the edge!” Many warned that the market was already saturated with performance beverages but with his Daredevil mentality Mr. Giacobbe was willing to take a chance. Unlike many other energy drinks on the market today, Daredevil has a greater content of b-12 vitamin, contains milk thistle and several herbal extracts, giving the drink greater nutritional value, along with outstanding taste.

Daredevil Energy drink is made in a regular and lite formulation. Daredevil Lighter Fluid is a lite version which has less calories and carbohydrates then the original. Both drinks taste amazing and give you an explosion of long lasting energy. When you are ready to be adventurous and bold, give Daredevil a shot!

The drink is currently distributed by Perfect Nutrition, Reliable Juice, Brenlin, Pat Derose Foods and Sunglo Distributers. Mr. Giacobbe is confident that once consumers experience the drink, they will be hooked. For more information on Daredevil Energy Drink please visit our website at or contact