ATOMIC-X Hires New National Sales Manager

Laguna Hills, CA, August 18, 2006 – Atomic X Hydration Company, makers of the premier non-carbonated energy drink is pleased to announce Jim Graney has joined the company’s sales team and will carry the title “National Sales Manager.”

Jim has a strong proven background at developing beverage distribution networks for brands like Snapple, Arizona Tea, Shasta Beverages, Everfresh Juices and most recently Bacchus Energy Drink of America.

“We look forward to utilizing Jim’s 25 years of experience in the beverage industry developing quality beverage distribution networks and key accounts throughout the country,” said CEO Sam Perricone.

Jim will be calling on all of the major Grocery chains, Convenience chains and Mass Merchandising accounts nationally to secure new authorizations for the Atomic X brand as he has for the brands he has previously represented in these business channels.

“Given Jim’s relationships with chain accounts and prominent distributors nationwide, we expect to see a strong impact on our current sales volume and overall market presence very soon,” Mr. Perricone added.

For more information regarding the non-carbonated difference of Atomic-X, please contact Tim Meyer at (949) 597-0061.