Vita Coco Moves Into More New Retail Doors for Fall 2006

New York, New York – August 24, 2005 – Vita Coco, one of the fastest growing lifestyle beverages in the U.S., today announced increased distribution for the brand in Southern California (through Ralph’s), Texas (through HEB) and the Northeast (through Shaw’s). Vita Coco, created by All Market LLC, is pure, 100% natural coconut water and has been lauded as the ‘next big thing’ in beverages by trend-spotting firms, food retailers and brand loyalists alike. Vita Coco’s distribution through these three major food retailers marks the brand’s arrival into the mainstream, as the beverage’s primary availability prior to this was through health food stores.

“Since we launched in 2004, Vita Coco has consistently found a loyal audience in every store we’ve put the product in,” says Vita Coco co-founder Michael Kirban. New York remains the brand’s biggest market but Kirban notes “the Texas market has been very strong for Vita Coco. Texans must appreciate what a great source of hydration Vita Coco is.” Kirban expects similar sales growth through Ralph’s and Shaw’s stores: “Now that Vita Coco is more widely available we really see sales growing exponentially.”

People across the U.S. are discovering what New Yorkers discovered in 2004 when Vita Coco first launched: that coconut water is delicious, refreshing and healthy. Whether you drink Vita Coco after a strenuous workout or during a busy day at work or school, the 100% natural coconut water hydrates your body quickly and effectively.

“Vita Coco sales are exceeding projections, impressively I might ad,” said Steve Gress , president of Exclusive Beverage Distributor, the distributor for Vita Coco in New York City. “Customers are buying the product not by the single unit, but by the case. It’s definitely becoming an every day drink that is part of a health-conscious lifestyle.”

Summary of new distribution
Ralph’s available at 160 stores
HEB available at 160 stores
Shaw’s available at 140 stores

The new distribution means that Vita Coco is now available at over 3,000 stores throughout the U.S.

About Vita Coco
Vita Coco contains a single ingredient, coconut water, which has no preservatives, added sugars, juices, water or coloring. Long-loved by people from tropical nations, coconut water is not the same as coconut milk. Coconut water, extracted from young, green coconuts, is fat and cholesterol free, high in potassium, contains alkalinizing minerals such as magnesium and calcium and is excellent for replacing electrolytes or rejuvenating the body. In addition to natural coconut water, the company offers three new flavors including Vita Coco with Passion Fruit Puree Vita Coco with Peach and Mango Puree and Vita Coco with Pineapple Puree.

Vita Coco is a natural alternative to the current selection of sports drinks, many of which contain artificial ingredients and preservatives. The average sports drink contains 41 mg of potassium (the accelerator for re-hydration) per 330 ml, while Vita Coco contains 660 mg of potassium per 330 ml, less sodium and less sugar.

Vita Coco is available in a 330 ml Tetra Pak. The Tetra Pak is the most modern and hygienic packaging available and unlike an aluminum can or glass bottle, preserves the coconut water’s natural components, aroma and most importantly, flavor. While Vita Coco tastes best chilled, the Tetra Pak will preserve the beverage’s freshness, without refrigeration, for up to eight months. Vita Coco is also an excellent base for mixed drinks.

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