NuVim to Launch 4th Quarter Television Ad Campaign; Signs Actress/Model Ashleigh Howard

NuVim, Inc. a leading provider of nutritional beverages and the only beverage that helps build the immune system, muscle flexibility, and athletic performance announced today that international actress and model Ashleigh Howard will be their spokesperson in the new television advertising campaign beginning this Fall. Represented by the Elite modeling agency, Ashleigh has worked for major brands both here in the United States and internationally. Included among her work are Lands End, Macy’s, Pendleton and Lord and Taylor. Her international assignments have taken her through most of Europe including France, Greece, Germany, England, Switzerland and Spain. Ashleigh is originally from South Africa and is currently based out Miami.

“It is a pleasure to be associated with the NuVim(R) brand. I am delighted that NuVim(R) found me to represent these wonderful beverages and am excited to discover this new drink for myself. Because of my concern about health I am very selective of the products I use and represent. NuVim(R) is a brand that I will be proud to talk about,” said Ms. Howard.

The Fall television commercials will be informative, motivating people to try NuVim(R) and feel for themselves the difference NuVim(R) makes in how they feel everyday, all day long. The commercials will be produced by the Platinum Television Group in Deerfield Beach, Florida. There will be separate commercials for the refrigerated beverage and the powder version. Both will highlight the promise of helping to improve our long term high quality of life at every age. CEO Rick Kundrat said, “We believe that NuVim(R) fits with the health conscious consumer who realizes that proper diet and exercise is the only way to help maintain a strong healthy body, not only for themselves, but their children as well. NuVim(R) is a product that, when consumed daily, can play a role in helping to make people feel the difference. This is especially true when you compare NuVim(R) as a substitute for many of the other beverages on the market. We remain committed to product improvement, delivering even higher consumer benefits as we move forward. In addition, we will continue to work with the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and other charitable organizations whose mission is also to improve the quality of people’s lives.”

About NuVim
NuVim(R) is a one of a kind beverage that is sold in the refrigerated juice section in half gallon juice cartons in 2,100 supermarkets including over 300 Wal-Mart supercenters on the East coast. NuVim is based in a $50,000,000 re-search and development project that spanned over 35 years involving 150 biologist and 19 clinical trials. NuVim’s two proprietary micronutrients MunePro(R) and AccuFlex(R) help build the immune system and work to help muscle flexi-bility and athletic performance. There are very few beverages in the market that have real solid nutritional values. Most are variations of flavored, colored sugar water in either carbonated or non-carbonated forms. With only 70 calories per 8 ounce serving and its nutritional values, NuVim(R) could be considered the “Best Thing You Can Drink.” After drink-ing NuVim(R) for 45 days, NuVim(R) guarantees you will “Feel the Difference” or get your money back.

NuVim(R) in powder form for use with beverages and yogurt can be ordered from the NuVim(R) web-site at or by calling toll free: 1-877-850-8777.