Daredevil Energy Drink Is On Fire and Spreading Into New Territory With Two New Distribution Partners

Daredevil Energy Drink, the California based energy drink for individuals who enjoy pushing the limits, taking risks and living on the edge is now available in North Carolina, East Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

According to Bobby Giacobbe, CEO of Outlast Nutrition LLC, “We are very excited to have partnered with Bruner Distributors in New Jersey & Pennsylvania and Deli Provision Distribution in North Carolina.” Both these distributors saw immediate growth potential with the catchy and demographically appealing Daredevil Energy Drink name. “The Lighter Fluid brand has been an instant success with the local New Jersey college students and we plan on spending most of our time developing college campuses, night clubs, and c-stores,” says CEO George Hallbruner of Halbruner Distribution.

The ingredients and outstanding taste of Daredevil Energy Drink is a main factor in the growth and popularity among adolescence. Daredevils 16 oz. can contain 120mg of caffeine per 8 oz. serving. It is packed with B Vitamins, Taurine, natural stimulants and has supplemental ingredients such as fat burning L-Carnitine and body cleansing Milk Thistle. Both Daredevil Energy Drink and Daredevil Lighter Fluid do not taste like conventional energy drinks. The company has spent countless hours perfecting the taste of Daredevil so that it is more like a flavorful carbonated soda rather then a hard-to- swallow traditional energy beverage. “We are really proud of our one of a kind exceptional taste,” says Mr. Giacobbe.

Distributors interested in learning more about Daredevil Energy Drink please contact Outlast Nutrition via e-mail at info@daredevilenergydrink.com.

To view more about Daredevil Energy Drink or Daredevil Lighter Fluid please visit our website at www.daredevilenergydrink.com