The Soda that Fights Back: airforce Nutrisoda’s Immune Combats Cold & Flu Season

MINNEAPOLIS, (Oct 23, 2006) – airforce® Nutrisoda® kicks off the cold and flu season with its Immune variant. Immune is a nutrient enhanced soda with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that helps boost the immune system to defend against fall and winter ailments. Of Immune’s many nutrients, 11 are key contributors to immune health.

· 2000 mg of the amino acid L-arginine supports the body’s immune system through enhanced T-cell function.

· Minerals such as Zinc play a central role in the immune system, especially for those that are deficient in this nutrient.

· B-vitamins and Folic Acid help protect the body’s immune system and enhance red blood cell formation and antigen response.

· Anti-oxidants vitamins A, E and Selenium reinforce the body’s resistance to colds, flu and infection and enhance the integrity of important immune cells.

The cold and flu season is here now, and will peak in November when influenza travels with its cross country spread. The cold and flu season typically returns in February for another round. A recent BBC news report discussed how common colds and flu are very easily transmitted by hands and even just contact with commonly touched surfaces. Immune serves as a powerful tool in supporting the combat of spreading germs and viruses by this type of transmission. This is especially timely with holiday travel approaching, as a recent study by the Public Library of Science concluded that air travel effects influenza spread in the U.S. Immune is available at major U.S. national airports and is an easy, healthy and delicious way to protect travelers against the cold and flu.

Immune was the first offering in Ardea Beverage Company’s seven-soda airforce Nutrisoda line-up. It remains the top-seller, due in large part to the product’s delicious effervescent taste and meaningful immune support nutrients. “Every nutrtiient in Immune has a functional purpose. The cold and flu season is a critical time to keep your body healthy and drinking Immune provides the key nutrients to do this, while at the same time being refreshing and delicious,” said Joe Heron, founder and president of Ardea Beverage Company. “We believe you are what you drink and that the healthful ingredients in our beverages deliver. airforce Nutrisoda’s really do provide intelligent refreshment.”

With natural colors and water filtered four times for extra purity, Immune has only 15 calories and zero sugar, carbohydrates, caffeine, sodium or aspartame. Immune’s crisp tangerine and lime natural fruit flavors invigorate and enliven the senses while providing another line of immune-boosting defense against flu and seasonal illnesses. The good soda.

Introduced in 2003, airforce Nutrisoda, targets on-the-go, nutritionally-aware people who also enjoy new experiences and discovering new products. Each of the seven flavors within the portfolio feature striking packaging and contain vitamins and minerals formulated to achieve a specific wellness benefit. The products have zero sugar, zero aspartame, zero sodium and zero to few calories, appealing to fashion & health-conscious consumers.

airforce® Nutrisoda® is available nationwide at select retail stores including SuperTarget, fine grocers, national airports, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, clubs, spa locations and online.

About airforce® Nutrisoda® and Ardea Beverage Company
The Ardea Beverage Company is dedicated to the development and marketing of nutrient enhanced beverages that deliver a health and wellness benefit in a safe, delicious and convenient format. Beverages in the line include: Immune, Energize, Flex, Focus, Calm, Radiant and Slender. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minn. For additional information, visit

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