Snapple Distributors Inc. Gets an Energy Jolt! Wet Planet’s New, Energy Infused Jolt Announces Agreement with SDI in NYC


@@img1ROCHESTER, NY. Dec 6, 2006 – Jolt Beverages has amped up its formula to provide an even bigger boost of energy and will now be even easier to find thanks to an agreement with Snapple Distributors, Inc. (SDI), one of the largest distributors in the NY/NJ area.

Snapple Distributors Inc., a division of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB), did a marketplace review of energy drinks. “We took a look around and determined that Jolt was the right energy drink to add to our portfolio,” said Jack Belsito, president of SDC. “We believe Jolt is a brand with strong equity and upside potential, and we look forward to working with Wet Planet,” Belsito concluded.

“Energy drink sales are up 70% over the comparable period last year* and Jolt is keeping pace with that impressive figure,” said CJ Rapp, founder and president of Wet Planet Beverages. “Now we have the flavors consumers love with the energy they crave. The time is perfect to relaunch Jolt. We put together an impressive launch plan, wowed SDI with our full energy beverages, great packaging and commitment to support the brand. We are thrilled to be distributed by the SDI system; the agreement enhances our momentum,” added Rapp.

About Jolt
Wet Planet launched Jolt in 1985 as the first ever highly caffeinated beverage. The company tapped into valuable consumer insights: contemporary lifestyles are more demanding than ever before, people work longer, play harder and sleep less. The company saw a real opportunity to fill a basic consumer need with a caffeinated beverage: Jolt, The Caffeine Machine. Twenty plus years later, the folks at Wet Planet realized a way to make this favorite even more relevant to today’s energy-starved consumer – add energy ingredients and make the packaging consumer-friendly.

The result is the new, improved Jolt. It has more caffeine and the added popular stimulants unique to energy drinks: Taurine, Guarana and B-complex vitamins. There are five flavors and a full range of packaging, including the on-premise 8.4 oz, the standard 16 oz, and the super size 23.5 oz resealable aluminum Battery Bottle.

“A recent investment from Emigrant Capital, together with our new alliance with Snapple Distributors Inc., ensures that Jolt can expand availability and improve presence at retail. We have the ingredients for success,” concluded Rapp.

About Wet Planet Beverages
Wet Planet Beverages is a multi-brand worldwide beverage marketer. Its brands include Jolt, Napa Valley Soda, Thornwood Estates and Autumn Frost. The company is recognized as a pioneer in the New Age Beverage category. To learn more about Wet Planet Beverages visit

Emigrant Capital has made a significant equity investment in Jolt.

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