glacéau launches a new vitaminwater variety!


@@img1whitestone, ny (december 13, 2006)- glacéau®, makers of vitaminwater®, smartwater® and fruitwater®, announced the introduction of its latest variety: charge. charge is a nutrient enhanced lemon-lime vitaminwater with more key electrolytes than leading sports drinks plus b vitamins for the ultimate performance enhancement, all with no sodium.

americans on average are now taking in nearly 4,000 milligrams of sodium per day – almost twice the recommended amount. sodium intake at these levels can lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and a multitude of other health issues. needless to say, the last thing we all need is more salt packed into our beverages. thankfully, the nutritional nerds at glacéau took this matter into their own hands and created charge.

vitaminwater brought its all natural, sodium free formula to the market more than six years ago and has been the beverage of choice for athletes and those leading active lifestyles ever since. charge’s increased levels of potassium, an important electrolyte which helps to minimize fatigue and cramping during and after intense exercise, provides athletes and active people — who are fed up with the lack of healthy alternatives to traditional sports drinks — with the fuel they need for better workouts and faster recovery.

“whether you’re on the field for several hours every day or you are working out simply to stay in shape, you need hydration that really works” says dr. carol dollard, chief operating officer, glacéau. “with charge, people can get dependable hydration in a great tasting, all natural, sodium-free drink.”

about glacéau
formed in 1996, we are the creator of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwater®, fruitwater® and smartwater®. glacéau is all about “keeping it real,” and we use only natural flavors and colors in our products. (why would you do it any other way, really?) today more than five million bottles of glacéau products are sold every day to thirsty people like you. proof that when you put a better product on the market, people respond. for more information visit