Have a Healthy & Happy NUI Year!


@@img1Los Angeles, CA (January, 2007) – Everyone wants healthier drink choices for kids! Catch a low-sugar big wave of nutrition from Nui Kid Water. Nui (“new-ee”) means big and abundant in the Pacific Islands. It is made from real fruit juice (the ONLY source of sweetness) and all natural ingredients that provide kids with a delicious source of powerful nutrition.

“There is nothing like this on the market today” says Brian Machovina, President Nui, LLC. “Parents repeatedly told us that strong and healthy bones, digestion, and immune system were most important to them when it came to their children’s health and well-being. This is not just another flavored water, rather it is super-sized nutrition in a powerful little bottle.”

Nui’s low sugar (only half the sugar and calories of apple juice) vitamins & minerals, dietary fiber (because kids are not eating enough fruits & vegetables), electrolytes, high level of calcium (25% RDA), and antioxidants from a caffeine-free green tea extract and other fruit extracts (like blueberries) are just what growing bodies need.

Although it is formulated just for kids, adults have been seen chugging down NUI. But do not worry, it is good for them too! And the goodness continues with each bottle of NUI, because the company donates 50% profits to children’s charities!

Available in three super charged flavors: Raging Red, Outrageous Orange, and Purple Power -in a perfect kid-sized 10 oz bottle. Nui is available at select Natural Food Stores, or delivered to your door by ordering on-line at www.nuiwater.com. A healthy New Year’s Resolution includes Nui!