Vita Coco Brand “On Target” To Quench Summer Thirst


100% Natural, Coconut Water Beverage, A Favorite Among Sports Enthusiasts, Athletes and Gen-“Y”ers, Soon Available at National, Trend-setting Retailer Target Stores

New York, NY – May 15, 2007 – Vita Coco, the original coconut water and one of the fastest-growing lifestyle beverages in the country, today announced increased distribution for the brand through a new relationship with Target. Vita Coco, created by All Market, Inc. has quickly found a loyal following with consumers ranging from yoga enthusiasts to a national hockey team (the Pittsburgh Penguins) to celebrities and recognized tastemakers. Vita Coco will be sold at 160 Target stores in the Western U.S., with plans to increase the number of doors soon.

“We launched the Vita Coco brand less than three years ago and now it’s in Target!” exclaims Michael Kirban, co-founder of Vita Coco. “Target is one of the coolest retailers around and potentially a real tipping point for the brand. We expect to introduce Vita Coco to a wide range of lifestyle and fashion-conscious consumers who want a great thirst quencher during the summer months, or really any time of year.”

Vita Coco, pure, 100% coconut water, has for many consumers quickly become the alternative to traditional bottled waters and sports drinks. The Vita Coco brand launched in 2004 and was initially sold only in health food stores. By 2006, the brand broke through into mainstream groceries and was selling in over 3,000 retail doors nationwide. In 2007, Vita Coco is now sold in close to 4,000 retail doors nationwide, including the new relationship with Target stores.

About Vita Coco
Vita Coco promises to rehydrate the world one coconut at a time. The beverage has a single ingredient, coconut water, with no preservatives, added sugars, juices, water or coloring. Coconut water-not the same as coconut milk-is extracted from young, green coconuts, is fat and cholesterol free, high in potassium, contains alkalinizing minerals such as magnesium and calcium and is excellent for replacing electrolytes or rejuvenating the body. In addition to natural coconut water, the company offers three new flavors including Vita Coco with Passion Fruit Puree Vita Coco with Peach and Mango Puree and Vita Coco with Pineapple Puree. or (877) VITA-COCO