Students in Focus Nutrisoda® Study Improve Standardized Test Scores By 8.9 Percent


@@img1MINNEAPOLIS, (July 16, 2007) – At the annual School Nutrition Association National Conference in Chicago today, Ardea Beverage Company announced the results of a controlled case study it recently conducted in the Cherokee County School District in South Carolina. Results from the study, which involved 200 7th grade students, show improved standardized test results. In the group of 100 students who drank nutrient-enhanced Focus Nutrisoda, standardized test scores increased by 8.9 percent over test results from their previous school year.

In an attempt to identify techniques to improve academic performance, the Gaffney Middle School in South Carolina’s Cherokee County School District chose Nutrisoda to test a hypothesis regarding the impact of dietary change on academic performance.

Focus Nutrisoda was chosen based on its specific blend of 12 nutrients, including a complement of B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium and L-tyrosine (an essential amino acid). The test lasted 90 days and students were divided into two groups of 100 students each. Each of the two groups received identical breakfasts during homeroom, but group A was also served an 8.4 ounce can of Focus Nutrisoda with breakfast, while group B was not.

Impressive results
The 100 students who consumed Focus Nutrisoda in Group A increased their state standardized test scores on average by 8.9 percent over test results from their previous school year. In contrast, Group B, which did not drink Focus Nutrisoda, had an average increase of only 2.6 percent. Consequently, the difference between the two study groups was 6.3 percent.

“This is highly important news for students, educators and parents alike,” says Joe Heron, founder and president of Ardea Beverage Company. “We believe that the test results and teacher testimonials demonstrate a positive correlation between the consumption of Focus Nutrisoda and improved academic performance. Teachers reported that Focus Nutrisoda helped students concentrate on learning, while allowing them the ability to spend greater time on lessons, thereby resulting in improved academic performance.”

“A challenge for any classroom teacher is staying on target with their curriculum schedule,” said Beverly Hodge, 7th grade algebra teacher for Cherokee County School District, S.C. “The class that participated in the Focus Nutrisoda project is several chapters ahead and is covering more material than my other 7th grade classes. In addition, test scores are 10 percent higher and the only variable was Focus Nutrisoda.”

The airforce Nutrisoda product line, which includes eight unique nutrient-enhanced sparkling beverages, provide key vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but contain zero sugar, zero to few calories, zero sodium, zero aspartame and are also gluten and fat free. Like all Nutrisoda varieties, Focus Nutrisoda contains natural fruit flavors, uses natural colors and is filtered four times for extra purity.

“Unlike other beverages that simply tried to eliminate ingredients such as sugar and carbonation to meet new regulations, Ardea Beverage Company was revolutionary and creative,” said Valerie Addis, RD, director of food service and nutrition for Cherokee County. “Nutrisoda not only satisfies the discriminating tastes of school age students, but it is also a beverage that actively supports their dietary needs by adding specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to support the student’s physical and mental needs”.

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Nutrisoda Focus, Immune, Radiant, Slender, Calm and Renew have been exempted from the, “soda water” category of, “foods of minimal nutritional value” and can be sold in competition to the reimbursable meal in the school food service area during meal periods. While USDA does not prohibit the sale of the exempted items in a school food service area during meal periods, State agencies and school food authorities maintain the final right to restrict such sales.